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BWT Bestmax Installation Kit Basic Plus

BWT Bestmax

  • $235.00

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BWT Bestmax

Filter Head, By Pass Valve, 3/8 BSP Hose Set & 2- 3/8 us adapter fittings 

Filter Installation Kit Save $20.00

Price $235.00 with discount (Does not include Filter)

Per item:

Head $95,00 

By Pass Valve $55.00,

Hose Set $55.00

Adapter set $50 = $255.00 

BWT Filter Heat with built in water on/off valve

BWT By pass Flush Valve $55.00 to flush all lose carbon from filter to eliminate disconnecting hose to espresso machine and purging air from new filter  

BWT hose set is made to fit the filter head metric 3/8 thread 

BWT 3/8 adapter set for 3/8 metric to 3/8 US

NOTE: All equipment, including but not limited to espresso machines, water softeners, filters, and hoses have the potential for leaking when directly plumbed to a water source (well water, rusty water, etc). Please properly install water leakage equipment to shut off the water supply if any leakage occurs. Leakage can occur from lack of proper maintenance and/or too high-water line pressure. Absolute Espresso Plus is not responsible for any loss, incidental or consequential damages from water leakage

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