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BWT Bestmax Kit Standard Faucet Drinking with S Filter

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BWT Best taste  

Standard Kit $320.00 

This is the BWT kit at a reduced package price cost

Best Taste Filter Installation Kit Save $15.00

Product Description

Best Taste S Filter Best taste filter                                    $135.00
Filter Head                                                                            $99.00
3/8 stainless Hose Set                                                          $55.00
3/8 hose fitting adapter set 3/8 metric to 1/4 US plastic $50.00

The BWT filter head makes life so easy. 

Just set the filtration # you need, 1, 2 or 3 to get the proper taste and the longest life from your BWT filter.

With this all-in-one valve in head system. When its time to put in a new filter, just twist out the old one and turn in the new one. The built in, on & off water shut off valve eliminates the need to close and open a valve manually.

BWT Hose Set

Hose set includes 3/8 inch stainless Steal braded house for plumbing your espresso machine or BWT Filter Head

3/8 hose fitting adapter set 3/8 metric to 3/8 US plastic

BWT is a European based mfg. therefor the fittings are metric the adapter set will allow you to us a US connection for your needs   

Product Description

BWT best taste drinking water kit