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Cagliari Capsule Grand Espresso


  • $85.00

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NEW 5.3g Cagliari® Grand Espresso Capsules

Master Case of 16 X 10 count boxes =160 Ps.. $85.00  

Hotels, Restaurants & Office Opportunities

Caffè Cagliari is the perfect partner for hotels, restaurants and offices looking to enjoy & impress your guests with a consistent and exceptional cup of real Italian espresso & Americana or Cappuccino.

Product Description

A Mild flavor and superior aroma achieved by the best quality South American Arabica coffees and select choice of the finest Robusta coffees from Africa and India. If you are a Latte or Cappuccino lover we recommend our Grand Espresso.  You will notice immediately that great espresso flavor cut right through the milk and perk up your senses.

Aromatic Quality






The tradition of Caffè Cagliari dates back to the last Century, when Ambrogio Cagliari, the Company’s founder went to Brazil. He learned the art of Coffee selection, roasting and mixing in Sao Paolo State where he was working in one of the most important plantations.

Quality of Raw Materials

As with any species of vegetation, coffee is also affected by the characteristics of the place where it is grown. It is for this reason that in the search for quality, Caffè Cagliari starts with the careful selection of the best plantations around the world.

Once reaching the Italian ports, after strict controls and analyses have been performed, green coffee is transported in tankers to the Caffè Cagliari plant, where it is further cleaned and then stored in silos. This modern transport and storage system is more hygienic and more rational than traditional bags. A fully developed information system is used to monitor the different batches of coffee through the various processing phases, up to final packaging.

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