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Salon Shop Roaster 


The most advanced Shop Roaster in the World!


The Solar Shop Roaster was launched in 2006 as the third generation roaster of our innovative Shop Roasters line. The cutting-edge automated machine showed early promise, and since then it has become the most popular roaster that we manufacture. Thousands of Solar coffee roasters have been sold worldwide to very happy customers. Years of additional experience and development have helped us reach perfection with the Solar. We can now confidently claim that the Solar falls nothing short of being the best shop roaster on the market, in every way.

The Solar excels in its superb roasting quality, plug-and-play operation, compact design, and exceptional reliability with no maintenance needed. Thanks to these features, it’s no wonder why the Solar was adopted by many micro roasting start-ups, specialty coffee shops, and coffee bars worldwide. As of now, no other shop roaster is able to challenge the Solar, it is the worlds most advanced shop roasting machine.

Coffee-Tech SOLAR 2 Kg Automatic Shop Roaster Roasting Machine; 100% metal structure; CE, RoHS and EMC Compliant; Computerized Control; Remarkably Silent; Batch Capacity from 1.1 to 4.4 lbs of Green Coffee; 16-18 minutes Roasting Cycle for a 2 Kg Full Capacity Batch; 220-240 Volts 50/60 Hz. 3200 Watt single phase; Direct drive heavy duty gear motor 1/8 HP, AC; Specially made high temperature metal infrared electric heating elements 3X1000 Watt; Heating Methods: Infrared radiation, convective air, conduction, thermo-siphoned heat; Roasting Methods: Rotating drum with limited fluid bed; Cooling in-drum and outer cooling group; Large pyrex lens for easy monitoring of roasting progress; Digital double temperature controller for heat control allows determining temperature range for roasting; Detachable 100% efficient centrifugal cyclone. Made of welded heavy gauge steel, with quick release thumb nuts for thorough cleaning; Single duct exhaust, 4” standard diameter. attached with quick release thumb nuts for easy cleaning; Maintenance is done by emptying and periodical cleaning of the chaff collector and exhaust tubing only, chaff blower does not need any cleaning; Dimensions 57W x 76D X 73H cm; 41 Kg Unit Weight