Compak E10 Master Conical OD

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COMPAK E10 Essential Master Conical On Demand

Nothing treats your coffee like a Conical burr grinder

One of three models in the E10 series of grinders from Compak the master gives you a steep up from the standard E10 conical 

Developed to offer the perfect tool for the professional barista. The new E-10 Master Conic Essential model incorporates the improvements required by the best baristas for competition at its highest level. Now Available

The “OD” stands for “on demand,” and these doserless grinders from Compak have the potential to move your home espresso bar or your coffee shop to the next level. Conical grinders have been shown to extract more of what the bean has to offer, and the E10 Master Conic OD and E10 Conic OD bring to you Compak precision grinding in a less complex package and at a more affordable price. The Compak F10 Conic grinders are better suited suited to be dedicated espresso grinders. The adjustment mechanism of the E10 Master

  • Parallel System" grind regulator lock. A small locking screw called the “regulation break” is loosened and the grind can be easily adjusted then locked into position by tightening the regulation break.  • Micrometric regulator allows stepless adjustment of the grind, so critical for getting the very best espresso possible. 

  • • The 1 and 2 “On Demand” buttons can be set so that it is simple to grind and dispense the right amount of coffee each time. This can be done with either the “1” and “2” buttons on the control panel, or by activating the portafilter switch by pressing the portafilter into place with one or two pushes. Less guessing means less wasted coffee.

  • • Touch control screen gives access to the menu system that allows the user to set the amount of coffee ground each time for a single or double extraction. The day and date, and even a password can be set so wayward hands cannot disturb your settings. All from the LCD display.

  • • A three-position switch with by-pass allows automatic dosing or manual use of the grinder. • Universal adjustable height portafilters holder can be set and locked with the included hex key wrench for hands-free grinding.

  • • Speed is another feature of the precision conical burrs. Depending on the model you choose, coffee for a single espresso can be ground in as little as 1.7 seconds!  Electronic Features Common to Both Grinders • Multi-language Display  • 3 Modes: Pre-selection - Automatic - Instant  • Total and Partial shot counter  • Notice that it is time to change the Burrs  • Date and time  • Quantity lock configurable by weight ground 

Unique Features of the E10 Master Conic OD • Precise dosing  • Double fan  Key Specifications of the E10 Master Conic OD Motor output - 950 W Revolutions per minute - 340 rpm Burrs diameter - Conical 68mm Espresso point production - 17 Kg/h Production speed at espresso setting - 7grams in 1.6 seconds

  • Hopper capacity - 1.7 Kg 

  • Height x width x depth - 715 x 215 x 400 mm Net weight – 20.5 Kg

Before finalizing your purchase, Please Call Toll Free 866-711-3456  to allow us the opportunity to make sure you have selected the grinder that best meets your needs and budget