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F10 Fresh Conic on Demand

Nothing treats your coffee like a Conic grinder

Developed to offer the perfect tool for the professional barista. The new F-10 Conic Fresh model incorporates the improvements required by the best baristas for competition at its highest level.

This grinder offers a number of innovative features including:

Worm gear adjustment for more precis grind settings, three different operating modes, electronic display, and stepless grind adjustment. The three grinding modes (automatic, manual, and two pre-programmed timed shots) are monitored and adjusted by the electronic display, allowing you to pre-set or keep track of coffee dosed down to a tenth of a second. This degree of control allows for the barista to lock in the desired dosage. This gives the barista the ability to reproduce the ideal shot time and time again. The ability to pinpoint and reproduce a particular dosage also saves cost by greatly reducing the amount of coffee waste.

Now Available
The newest invention from Compak, an over 50 years old company who assembles all their grinders by hand.

  • Advanced system of conical burrs with a revolutions reducer.

  • The low RPM from the high-powered motor guarantees the greatest grinding power with the least heating, conserving all the coffee's properties.

  • 1-year warranty from the date of purchase on materials used and workmanship.

Special Features:

The ability to pre-set the dosing time for a single and double shot to within a tenth of a second.

  • Manual push-button doser that keeps time of amount dosed on the digital display.

  • Completely new dosing system, electronics, and control system.

  • The electronic display shows the selected grinding point, a configurable warning to change the burrs, promotional message with your logo, shot counter, and multi-language display.

  • Powerful 1hp motor with gear reduction system

  • 68 mm conical burrs

  • High resistance switch

  • Adjustable fork height

  • Electronic micrometric regulation control

  • Adaptor for coffee cans and PET containers

  • Hopper Capacity (lb/kg)- 4.2/1.9

  • Production (lb-h/kg-h)- 35-39/16-18

  • Dosing Time (7g)- 1.6 sec.

  • Motor Power (w)- 760

  • RPM- 400

  • Grinding Disc Diameter (in/mm)- conical 2.7/68

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    Customer service, integrity, quality and value are our first priorities

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