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Burundi Women of Kinyovu Single Origin 3 X 12oz. Bean

Mr Espresso

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Mr. Espresso-Oakwood Roasted

Selected to be a 16 to 1 ratio gold cup standard =1 oz. (28) gram coffee for 16 oz. cup
24-8oz. cups per bag

4-12 oz. bags coffee comes in 2 way valve bags

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Burundi Women of Kinyovu


International Women of Coffee Certified

Cupping notes : Honeysuckle, caramel, meyer lemon

Roast level : LIGHT Roast

This distinctive Burundi Women of Kinyovu coffee. This lot has been designated by the International Women in Coffee Alliance (IWCA) as a “Women’s Certified Coffee.” Its producers are all women with small holding farms of 25-50 trees in the northern Burundi province of Kayanza. The women share a deep commitment to their land. It is evident in the high quality, ripened red cherries that the farmers present at the Kinyovu Washing Station. It’s here that they complete the processing of their beans and are rewarded with premiums for their remarkable coffees—the premiums sometimes exceeding that of the coffee’s asking price. The women of Kinyovu return their earnings into advancing their farms, empowering their communities and investing in their children. It’s this care that they put into their coffee.
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