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BWT Bestmax Flow Meter, Total Hardness Kit & Premium Filter

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Aqua Meter, Total Hardness Kit & Premium Filter

Get the maximum life and filtration out of your BWT filter with out harming your coffee equipment. Recommended for as a most for (Premium) filter with magnesium, as magnesium will show on your test strip as a hardness under testing an give a false .

Test your total hardness. Look on the BWT filter chart for your filter of choice. Compare to the chart numbers, set the meter to amount of water used to tell you when its time to change your filter, 

BWT's Aqua meter is an accessory that can be fitted to the filter head to monitor the flow of water through your filter cartridge. With just two buttons and an LCD screen, the Aqua meter can easily be programmed for your total water hardness and will track the total volume of water in gallons. Once it has been programmed, the meter will count down to 0 at which point it is recommended that your filter cartridge be replaced.

Takes 1 CR2032 Battery (included with purchase).

The BWT 3/8" Aqua meter with LCD Display is compatible for use with all varieties of BWT water filter cartridges including the Premium, BestMax  and BestTaste.

BWT Aquameter
3/8" with LCD Display, 3/8" FM thread connection including washers x 3/8" M