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BWT Bestmax Installation Starter kit Flex Head and Besttaste x Filter

BWT Bestmax

  • $317.00

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BWT Bestmax home kit save $10.00

Price $317.00 Includes shipping in Continental US 

This filter is designed for out board drinking water from refrigerator, sink, or coffee and (espresso machine with a soft water system on machine). for water with low carbonate hardness. 
Besttaste S Filter $109
Flex Head $118.00
Hose set $55.00
Fitting set 3/8BS to 3/8 US $45.00 ships standard with
Products Description
BWT Besttaste S
BWT Flex Filter Head
Pick the hose and adapter set that fits your installation needs
Hose set includes 3/8 inch stainless Steal braded house for plumbing your espresso machine or BWT Filter Head
BWT Filter Head
The Head as a built in on-off valve built into it
It has 3 built in selections, for degree of filtration needed based on your water condition Heavy, Medium or Light hard minerals  
The BWT filter heads are threaded with two 3/8" Male BSP fittings. For plumbing into NPT water lines, you will need to let us know the appropriate reduction fitting for your home water line.
Bundled for your convenience, the BWT Besttaste X Filter Package FLEX head has what you need to keep your espresso tasting great. The new FLEX Head features an updated mounting bracket for greater compatibility with different types of screws, an integrated flush valve, and the ability to swap out the included fittings for others produced by BWT.
BWT's Besttaste S filter cartridge is designed to optimize water for use in coffee and espresso machines in areas of low carbonate hardness (soft water), the BWT Besttaste filter cartridges eliminate unpleasant odors and tastes from water reliably and effectively. The filter utilizes activated carbon to to reduce the level of heavy metals in the water and eliminates particles as small as 5 μm including chlorine, sand, and organic impurities. The activated carbon also features special silvering that helps to eliminate the growth of bacteria.

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