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BWT Bestmax Direct Plumed Installation kit V Filter & Head

BWT Bestmax

  • $385.00

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BWT Bestmax

Direct Hook Up home kit save $25.00

Price with shipping in Continental US $385.00

V Premium Filter $155.00
Head $95,00
Pressure relief valve $55.00,
Hose set $55.00
Fitting set $50.00 =$410.00

Products Description

Pick the hose and adapter set that fits your installation needs
Hose set includes 3/8 inch stainless steal braded house for plumbing your espresso machine or BWT Filter Head
BWT Filter Head
The Head as a built in water flow shut on/off valve 
It has 3 built in selections, for degree of filtration needed based on your water condition Heavy, Medium or Light hard minerals  
  The By pass valve allows you to pre flush you filter into a container to remove any carbon dust from the filter and air out of the line before running it into your machine. other wise you need to disconnect the inbond water line ever time you change the filter. 


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