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BWT Bestmax V water filter

BWT Bestmax

  • $165.00

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Espresso Water Filter V

Price $165.00 Includes Shipping Continental US

Multiple unit discounts available  


Product Description

BWT Bestmax  V for light duty commercial or home operator 

This groundbreaking innovation for water optimization from BWT softens to protect your espresso machine from the harmful minerals that cause calcification while removing 0.5 practical and chlorine for improved taste and odor

Flexible – only one connecting filter head (not included see options) for all filter types

Simple – quick filter change, simple disposable system
Cost-effective – ideal for compact catering appliance

BWT  adjustable head profits the proper filtration you need based on your total water harness while providing the longest possible filtration protection

Flexible – only one connecting filter head (not included see options) for all filter types
Capacity sufficient see guide book 
Simple – quick filter change, simple disposable system

WE offer a full range of accessories from BWT the back flush valve for releasing air pressure and flushing loose carbon on filter changes

When is it time to change your filter? 

Get the most out of your filer with out harming your equipment. with a flow meter to tell you when its time to change your filter.

Set the meter based on your BWT filter guide based on your area water hardness and filter size and forget it until the meter says time to change.


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