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Decaf House Blend 3 X 12oz. Bean

Mr Espresso

  • $42.00

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Mr. Espresso Oakwood Roasted  

Selected to be a 16 to 1 ratio gold cup standard =1 oz. (28) gram coffee for 16 oz. cup
24-8oz. cups per bag

Decaf House Blend Swiss Water Washed

3-12 oz. Bags Pre Ground
Price $14.00 bag. $42.00 Includes Shipping in Continental US
Coffee comes in 2 way valve bags
Decaffeinated House Blend
Water Processed

Cupping notes : Smooth, Well balanced, Medium body

Roast level : MEDIUM-DARK

This is a blend of water processed decaffeinated Latin American coffees combining to make a smooth, full flavored coffee with medium body and well balanced acidity.
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