Eversys Super Automatic Cleaning Balls 248

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Eversys Super Automatic coffee system cleaning Balls


Keep your Eversys machines coffee system running clean and properly with Eversys recommended cleaning balls.

Box of 4 Packs of 62 Balls $62.50 Per Jar, = $250 per box po 248 balls Box Save $20.00 on 2 box $480. 496 balls

Eversys cleaning balls for e’ and c’ model coffee machines – The coffee and espresso groups of the model series e 2, 4, 6, shot master, cameo and ct are cleaned fully automatically.

The dosing or ball supply uses one ball per brewing group with each cleaning. – For the best hygiene of your coffee machine the use of the genuine Eversys detergents is necessary.

The entire cleaning system is tuned to this means. – Eversys cleaning balls ensure optimum cleaning of the coffee groups of these high-performance coffee machines from Switzerland

Coffee cleaning balls for Eversys espresso machines. Specially formulated for use with Eversys espresso machines only.

Compatible: All Cameo (c'2 CTS, c'2m CTMS, c'2m 1.5 Step) and e' series machines (e'2, e'2m, e'4, e'4m, e'6, e'6'm, e'2ct, Shot master) Usage: 1 cleaning ball per day, per screen.

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