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M & V Vesuvius & Ceado e37J Grinder Combination save $200.00

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M&V Plus Ceado E37J Grinder

Vesuvius 1  Group Independent Boilers Pressure Profiling 

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save $200.00 

One-year parts & bench labor do to defective parts, 

This is one of the best winning combinations, a top notch prosumer machine and grinder working together to bring you the professional espresso experience in your home coffee bar.

The new Vesuvius-SST (ASTV - All Stainless Tubing Version)) has all stainless-steel tubing. The water level sensor has also been upgraded. The Vesuvius by M&V is one of the world's first prosumer, computer-controlled espresso machine with an E61 group.

It delivers true pressure profiling via its FG304 gear pump and speed-controllable motor.

The Vesuvius is operated completely through its PID touch pad display, which informs you of the current temperatures of the boilers, the pressure, and if you are running it off the tank, the amount of water left. These machines all come inside a wooden crate and are bolted to the base of the crate. We then strap the crate to a pallet to ship them.

The Vesuvius has a unique placement for its water tank;  the machine has the tank hidden behind the left side panel, which can be accessed by opening up a simple latch and tilting to the left on an angle making it easer to add water to the reservoir. 

Under the hood, brewing is handled by an FG304 Gear Pump and dual stainless steel boilers. The brew boiler holds 0.8 liters of water with a 1,000 watt heating element, while the steam boiler holds 1.5 liters of water and has a 1,400 watt element. The stainless steel construction helps the boilers to resist corrosion and each boiler can be controlled individually with the PID. Dual boilers help to ensure temperature stability and allow for simultaneous brewing and steaming. Both the steam and hot water wand feature no-burn insulation to prevent accidental burns and the Vesuvius has a commercial style 3-hole steam tip for frothing milk.

The Vesuvius' pressure profiling capability can be attributed by the FG304 Gear Pump. This pump has a speed controllable motor unit that allows you to adjust brew pressure. You can program up to five different profiles that you can use while brewing. The profiles have seven phases each that can be set to a pressure between 2 and 12 bar and adjusted in 0.2 bar increments. When you find a profile that works best for the espresso coffee you're brewing, you can save it while still having four remaining profiles to program. You can also use the Gicar PID temperature controller to adjust and monitor brew temperature to your liking along with being able to program the temperature offset between the brew group and the brew boiler.

In addition to robust brewing options, the Vesuvius also boasts a wide array of quality of life features to seamlessly integrate it into your kitchen and your schedule. At 16.33" in height, the machine will fit under most standard cabinets. Unique to its design is the fact that the 3 liter water reservoir actually pulls out of the left side of the machine. . Alternatively you can opt to plumb the Vesuvius directly into your water line to avoid refilling it entirely. When plumbed, incoming water is pumped into the water reservoir instead of the brew boiler so your line pressure won't impact your brew pressure. If you choose not to plumb the machine, the Dot Matrix display will provide you with a readout that monitors that amount of water left in the reservoir.

Depending on when you get up in the morning, or when you plan on enjoying an espresso., You can program up to 2 on and off times per day. This allows you create a schedule for your machine that incorporates both weekdays and weekends so it will always be ready when you are. There are also a number of energy saving options that can be selected to reduce the heat of one or both boilers after a set period of inactivity. You can also have the machine enter a standby mode or shut off entirely.

  • Stainless steel tubing

  • Water level sensor

  • Cup warming tray

  • Dot matrix touch display

  • Celsius or Fahrenheit

  • Built in programmable timer

  • Five pre-set 7 step pressure profiles

  • LED heating lights for the brew and steam boilers

  • Low water alarm

  • No burn steam and hot water wands with Joy Stick type valves

  • Large 1.7 liter pull-out drip tray with optional drain

  • Electronic switch, to change from reservoir to plumbed

  • Adjustable feet

  • Easy access to the boiler drains

  • Three portafilters (single/double/bottomless)

  • Blank for back flushing

  • Braided waterline

  • Drain hose

  • Group brush

  • Extra group gasket

  • 58mm metal tamper

Output Capacity

PID Temperature Controller

PID controls through the touch display


Reservoir (3 liter), able to be plumbed in


FG304 gear pump and speed-controllable motor unit

Convenience / Functionality


Dot matrix touch display

Drain Tray

Large 1.7 liter pull-out drip tray with option to direct drain

Hot Water Spigot

1 no burn hot water spigot


E61 Lever action with 5 programmable pressure profiles

Steam Arms

1 no burn steam arm.



16.33 inches \ 41.5 centimeters


14.50 inches \ 36.8 centimeters


20 inches \ 51 centimeters


53 pounds \ 24 kilograms


Amps \ Volts

15 Amps \ 110 Volts


1400-Watt steam boiler \ 1000-Watt group boiler

Colors \ Options


Stainless Steel



Low water alarm


Two portafilters (A single and a double), blank for backflushing, braided waterline, drain hose, Bottomless portafilter, Tamper.

Water Filter Systems

Protect your factory warranty and machine from harmful hard water minerals that cause calcium build up, & damage to your boiler, heating elements, water passages, and moving parts.

Help the taste of your coffee with a BMT premium filter with magnesium in a 4 stage filter or our standard Bestmax system.

If you have a reverse osmoses system the Premium filter with Magnesium is the prefect fit for putting in the proper minerals back in the water to help your coffee taste.

Dial in the setting on the head based on your water hardness and brew system needs. based on degree of water hardness.

This all in one filter system is the answer to most espresso machine water condition problems.

Just twist the all in one cartridge out of the self closing valve in head and spin the new replacement one in when needed, no water to shut off or turn on before changing,

BMT valve in head, 4-stage water filter system with filtration to 0.5 micron. Cartridge can lie sideways, set on its base or hang from the wall bracket included, recommended sizes based on water hardness and usage L or XL recommended.

see our compete BWT accessories package discount package.

Before finalizing your purchase, please call toll free 866 711 3456 or 973-687 5090 to allow us the opportunity to make sure you have selected the machine and options that best meet your needs and budget.