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Mix Drip African light Roast. 6 X 12oz. Beans

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Mr. Espresso-Oakwood Roasted  

Experience some of the African Coffee tastes from where coffee began 

 savor them by them selves like fine teas 

Burundi Women of Kinyovu, Rwanda Bufcafe Remera
Ethiopia Guji Natural,       

Coffee comes in 2 way valve bags

 2 Each = 6 - 12 oz. bag

Price $14.50 Per = $87.00

Includes Shipping in Continental US

                                    Volume discount available 

Burundi Women of Kinyovu, CHARACTERISTICS

upping notes : Honeysuckle, caramel, meyer lemon Roast level : LIGHT

Rwanda Bufcafe Remera, CHARACTERISTICS

Cupping notes : Dark Plum, Cranberry, Earl Grey Roast level : LIGHT

Ethiopia Guji Natural, CHARACTERISTICS 

upping notes : Strawberry Jam, Meyer Lemon, Jasmine Roast level : LIGHT


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