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Organic Mix Single Origin 6 X 12oz. Bags Beans

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Mr. Espresso-Oakwood Roasted

There is something for everyone in this 8 pack  from the African light roast to the Columbian Dark 

Ethiopia Bedhatu Jibicho Natural,  Colombia Planadas, Guatemala Codech, and Mexico Union De Ejidos

Coffee comes in 2 way valve bags

2 each = 6 - 12 oz. bags per Case

Price $13.50 Per = $78.00 Includes Shipping in Continental US

Ethiopia Bedhatu Jibicho

Fair Trade and Organic certified coffees.


Cupping notes : Guava, Peach, Strawberry Jam
Roast level : LIGHT 

This remarkable coffee comes from a micro-lot at the award-winning Banko Gotiti cooperative, located in the Gedeb sub-region of Gedeo, Ethiopia. It’s a remarkable example of the indigenous heirloom coffees that are grown in the birthplace of coffee

Colombia Planadaso,


Our Organic Colombia Tolima comes from the municipality of Planadas in the southern tip of the Tolima Province. Lying in the foothills of the Central Andes, Tolima is known for its mineral-rich soils and fresh water. Though relatively unknown in the coffee industry until recently, Tolima is now the country’s third largest coffee producer and is increasingly being recognized for producing great tasting coffee.

Cupping notes : Sweet-smoky, Tamarind, Layered

Roast level : Dark

Guatemala Codech


Burned Carmel, Vanilla & Baking Chocolate

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