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Organic Columbian Planadas Single Origin 6 x 12 oz. Dark Roast Ground

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ORGANIC Columbian Planadas  Dark Roast

6-12 oz. Pre Ground

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Coffee comes in 2 way valve bags

Our Organic Fair Trade  Columbian , is a harmonious blend of Fair Trade and Organic certified coffees.


Fair Trade/Organic

Cupping notes : Sweet-smoky, Tamarind, Layered
Roast level : DARK

Gaitania, Tolima

Fair Trade/Organic

Our FTO Colombia Tolima comes from the indigenous Nasa We’sx cooperative, ASCI’SP, near the town of Gaitania in the Tolima Department. The Tolima region has grown coffee for over 100 years but was relatively unknown in the coffee industry until recently. With its high altitudes, rich volcanic soils, ideal microclimate, and clean supply of water, Tolima, roughly the size of New Hampshire, is the country’s third largest coffee producer with beans that trade at a higher premium than other Colombians.

The ASCI’SP member farms of the highland dwelling, Nasa We’sx are situated in the foothills of the Central Andes at elevations of 5000-7000 feet and exclusively cultivate heirloom varieties. There’s an unusual reason for this. In the 1960s, FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) established a stronghold in Tolima, growing into the largest guerrilla group in the country. Their presence deterred the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation from the region, preserving the heirloom coffee plants.

For five decades, the Nasa We’sx were caught in the conflict between the army and FARC. In 1996, the isolated villages of the Nasa We’sx formed a peace treaty with local guerrillas. FARC agreed to not endanger nor recruit villagers. The Nasa We’sx agreed not to harass FARC patrols nor assist the military. The Resguardo (reserve) Indigena Nasa We’sh was established, a protected area where they could live and care for the land according to their ancient tradition. In 2014, the community formed ASCI’SP, Association of Farmers Indigenous San Pedro, to safeguard the land the Nasa We’sx now hold sacred.

  • as drip and other coffee brewing methods
  • 12 oz. vacuum sealed 2 way valve bag
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