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Etheopen Guji Natural 6 X 12oz Bean

Mr Espresso

  • $90.00

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Mr. Espresso-Oakwood Roasted

Ethiopia Bedhatu Jibicho Natural,  

Coffee comes in 2 way valve bags

6-12 oz. bags per Case

Price $15.00. Per = $90.00 Includes Shipping in Continental US


Fair Trade and Organic certified coffees.


Cupping notes : ,Strawberry Jam, Meyer Lemon, Jasmine 
Roast level : LIGHT 

Our current Ethiopia offering comes from the Guji Zone of the Oromia Region. Guji lies just east of the Gedeo Zone, home to the more well known Yirgacheffe. This Guji lot was produced by smallholder farmers, growing at altitudes between 6,070 – 6,560 feet.

Like most Ethiopian coffees, Guji is a mix of old heirloom varietals. But most of the similarities stop there. The people of Guji have a long tradition of coffee cultivation that is believed to have preceded that of the producers of Yirgacheffe. The farmers of the Guji area have retained the old methods of natural or dry processing, whereas many of the Yirgacheffe producers use wet or washed methods. This difference distinguishes the Guji coffees as offering richer, jammier berry notes, tempered by a clean, crispness from a Meyer lemon like, refined acidity.

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