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PUQ Press Q2 Automatic Tamp 57mm (White)

PUQ Press

  • $1,125.00

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PuqPress Q2

Automatic Hydraulic Tamper 57 mm 

Price $1,125.00 Includes free Shipping 

Get is perfect every time

Tamping needs to be exact each time, if you want consistent high quality espresso, and that is why the PUQ PRESS was invented.
For the operator that wants it right every time
Simply place your portafilter in and the tamper is automatically activated giving you the perfect,even tamp, time after time.

New Features of Q2 

Non stick Nano coating on the press head providing an easer cleaning of grounds.

A stiffer frame

An easily adjustable portafilter flat fork for naked portafilter

A more dramatic pressure profile from 10 to 60 lb.

Tamp head can be switched for other available sizes 58, 57, and 58.3

Weight: 9 lbs.
Tamper Shape: Flat Base 54mm
Dimensions: 11.25 H x 7.25 D x 5.50 W
Adjustable Pressure: 22-66 lbs
Adjustable height for different size portafilters
Dispense Time: 1.3 seconds
Clean Mode
Pugpress warranty covers 2 years parts only, services through a certified Pugpress center

adjust weight of pressure from kg to lbs. This is not in the manual: turn off the unit - hold + button and 'clean' button- turn unit on- (CF appears on display) -push 'clean button' - ( CO appears on display) - push + button (1 appears on dispaly) - press 'clean button twice- finished

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