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 Dalla Corte

Zero 3 Group

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Infinite Possibilities

A time traveler from both the past and the future, the Zero Barista improves on core technologies like the Multi-Boiler System while exploring new frontiers of possibility with Digital Flow Regulation. Blending elements of both Mina and XT, Zero delivers the capacity of multiple groups with the flexibility of flow control. The result is a machine with zero limits, a machine that not only chases perfection, but achieves it. Dial in coffees on a per-group basis. Temperature, dose, and flow are yours to command, with freestyle flow control you can navigate between four unique water flow rates (3, 5, 7, 9 g/sec) using the lever at the group. You can also extract at a fixed flow rate with the precision of weight based dosing.

Brew with an unparalleled level of customization for your espresso shots from the independently functioning group heads of Dalla Corte’s Zero Barista Espresso Machine. You can view your settings for the temperature, flow rate, and dose of each group easily with the full-color LED displays located on the face of each group.

Zero Barista Espresso Machine Overview

Dalla Corte’s Zero Barista Espresso Machine allows you to customize the settings of each group with fully independent boilers and systems. You can adjust flow rates, water temperatures, and dose amounts of each group of your Zero Barista to pull shots just the way you want. Dalla Corte kept the barista experience in mind when designing the Zero Barista, and you can tell from the easy-to-use interface, ergonomic features, and beautiful design.

Features and Performance

One of the most unique features of the Zero Barista is the easily adjustable flow rates. You can choose to change the flow rate during the brewing process, choosing from 3, 5, 7, or 9 grams per second, and you can also lock in the flow rate so that it can’t be changed during the brewing process. Using the touchscreen on the front of each group, you can also control the water temperature and dose of your espresso. The temperature stability on the .75L boilers of the Zero Barista means that you have precise control over the temperature settings, and since the flow rate is so accurate, the Zero Barista is able to tell you how much your espresso shot will weigh within a few tenths of a gram. With these features, you can be sure that you’re extracting just the right amount of espresso for your shots with the exact settings you want to use.

The Zero Barista has fully independent groups, so you’re able to brew at different temperatures, flow rates, and doses at the same time. This is possible because each group has its own boiler, and this independent function also means that you can program each group to perfectly extract for different coffees you’re using to brew. This also means you can perform maintenance on one group while the others are still in use.

When you look at the Zero Barista it’s clear why it won an iF design award in 2021. The striking modern design of the Zero Barista Espresso Machine was created in partnership with the Emo design firm. Not only is the Zero Barista aesthetically pleasing, it is also ergonomically designed for the best experience for your barista. The oversized steam wands allow for hands-free steaming to keep the brewing process moving when things get busy, and the touchscreens and backlit buttons make it easy to view your settings and pull your shots.

Why You Should Get It

If you’re looking for a commercial espresso machine that is unique, thoughtfully designed, and allows you to fully customize your shots for the ideal espresso brewing experience, the Zero Barista from Dalla Corte is right for you. With independently functioning groups and the ability to program the flow control, water temperature, and dose sizing, the Zero Barista is a great choice for any commercial kitchen.

The Hard Facts


1100 x 511 x 550 mm / 43.30 x 20.12 x 21.65 in


110 kg / 242 lbs


11.3 kW / 11,300 W


7 kW / 7,000 W


230/240V 1 Ph, 200/230 V 3, 400 V 3 N


13 l / 439.6 oz


0.75 l / 25 oz







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