Eversys Enigma Classic 6S Super Automatic Espresso Machine

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Enigma Classic E6s- 3 groups-twin Everfoam wands.



Includes: Two-year parts & one year labor due to defective parts, Includes: Free shipping & installation of your espresso machine with a trained, local representative. This service includes one trip for installation to made ready water, electric & carpentry with drink set up & equipment demonstration. 1-year parts & 1 year labor due to defective parts.

When high speed Volume production is needed, Enigma is the answer with its twin brew groups. Designed to be authentic and timeless, the new Enigma line includes the E’6, modelled on a three-group espresso machine; in standard or Extra wide.

The Shot master, a slim unit with two coffee dispensing outlets; and the Shot master Pro with two dispensing outlets and an integrated 1.5-Step milk texturing capability. Each model comes with side module accessory options, including E’choco with two powder canisters,

The display screens are 10.1-inches with a higher resolution and wider viewing angle to make product selection easier. It also allows videos to run thanks to a more powerful central processing unit, run on a Linux platform. The coffee outlet is a brand-new design that bridges the look of a conventional machine with a super traditional model.

The machine is available in two standard colors: Tempest and Earth, with side panels in natural aluminum and copper color, respectively. The top of the machine and the drip trays are made of resistant stainless steel. The bean hoppers and cup guards have darker hues, and the front of the machine evokes a black, glossy finish. A light cup guard helps reduce the machine’s perceived height, while the coffee outlet is designed with better ergonomics and haptics.

The Barista 2 step with its twin steam wands and twin brew groups sett8ng new standards for super automatic Steaming with its Twin Everfoam steam wands is the start of for those that have a vision to grow their coffee station offering 2 stage drink production.

The Enigma Barista delivers the best of both worlds. With ability to have hands on operator simplicity of a manual automated milk steam system and the flexibility for filling the customer’s request for a large verity of milk like whole, 2%, almond, or the new oat milk at a quality and consistent level.


Machine ON Up to 10200 
Standby Mode Less than 2800 W


Dimensions (W/H/D) (33.07 x 29.20 x 23.60 in)
Weight 142 kg 290Lb.
Brew chamber 3 x 24 grams
Grinder 4 x Ceramic burrs - 64 mm
User Interface 3 x Touch Screen 10.1”
Bean hopper4 x 1.5 kg. =3.3Lb. each
Coffee outlet height max 190 mm
Hot water outlet height 160 mm
Interface4 x USB, 2 x Ethernet, 2 x CCI/CSI/API
Coffee boiler size 3 x 1.5 Liter
Steam boiler size 5.4 L
Grounds drawer 2x 700 grm.

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Defend your factory warranty and machine from destructive hard water minerals leading to calcium buildup, and harm to your boiler, heating elements, water passages, and moving parts. This all-in-1 filter is the solution for many hard water conditions.

Enhance coffee flavor with a BMT Bestmax premium 5 stage filter containing magnesium for improved taste or the standard 4 stage protection filter. For the premium option, consider using a water meter to monitor filter change based on magnesium levels.

Set the dial to 1, 2, or 3 on the BWT filter head to align with water hardness and brewing system needs. Achieve ideal protection and lifespan according to water hardness. Replace cartridges effortlessly without water shutdown.

The BWT 0.5-micron cartridge can rest horizontally, be placed on its base, or be hung from the included wall bracket.

Recommended sizes based on water hardness and usage.

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