Filicori Zecchini

Capsules Arcadia Espresso Organic Filicori Zecchini/Nespresso

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Nespresso®*-Grand Cru Arcadia Nespresso original Compatible Biodegradable Capsules. 

10 x 10 = 100 Espresso Capsules per case

1Cs =$70.00 ,2Cs.=$135.00, 

 Compatible with Original Nespresso machines. 

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Medium Roast

  • The name of this very special blend was chosen in reference to the Greek region of Arcadia. Traditional literature says that the people there live happily in absolute harmony and simplicity with nature. Away from all conveniences, all hustle, and bustle but also all privileges, simply connected with Mother Nature.

    This grinding process should also do justice to this. Out of respect for nature and the environment, the beans used here have been farmed 100% organic and organically. For this special blend, Filicori Zecchini uses only the best Arabica and Robusta beans. They are sourced from plantations and local communities in Mexico, Brazil, and India, where even the hard-working coffee farmers are treated fairly and get what they really deserve.

    The result? A cup full of flavour. Dense, hazelnut-colored texture, a balanced body - perfectly rounded off with notes of vanilla and chocolate. Enclosed is a fresh floral note with hints of dried fruit.

    Arabica Percentage: 80%
    Robusta Percentage: 20%
    Body: 3 / 5
    Aroma: 5 / 5
    Acidity: 1 / 5
    Intensity: 4 / 5

    USDA Organic

    • FILICORI ZECCHINI | IN THE COFFEE BUSINESS SINCE 1919 - our coffee is served in more than 3,500 coffee shops all through Italy and we are recognized as “Espresso Specialist”. The two families, FILICORI and ZECCHINI, still own and run the company in Bologna since 1919. We are one of the oldest and most recognized espresso coffee brands in Italy