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La Marzocco

GS3 AV 1 Group


This is considered a non commercial machine by La Marzocco.

One-year defective parts warranty and bench labor

La Marzocco's GS3 Espresso Machine is designed for the passionate espresso enthusiast who knows the only way to be satisfied is to invest in one of the best machines available. The GS3 is pricey, but its commercial-grade features more than balance the cost: Dual stainless steel boilers, powerful steaming functionality, PID temperature control, volumetric pump and variable hot water temperature regulation to name a few.


Control your GS3 with the NEW La Marzocco Home app for Android and iOS devices. Using the application you can control many of the integral operations of your Linea Mini dual boiler's capabilities.

  • Remote ability to turn the machine on or off
  • Creation of an on/off schedule
  • Boiler temperature status and control
  • Enabling and setting pre-brewing on/off times
  • Standby mode after (x) minutes of non use
  • Machine Stats & Total Shot Counter
  • Setting of auto-volumetrics on the GS3 by number of “pulses”

The La Marzocco engineering group set out to take the most advanced
 La Marzocco technology from the Strada and translate it for a home espresso machine. The GS3 features the thermal stability system used in the La Marzocco Strata, including a preheating system, digital PID controller, saturated groups, a dual-boiler system, and digital display

Handmade in Florence, Italy, the La Marzocco GS/3 Espresso Machine utilizes LM's Dual boiler technology, PID temperature Control and has been hailed "Best small foot print in the industry for temperature stability."

The GS3 Espresso Machine from La Marzocco is the perfect machine for your home, office or catering company. The built in reservoir allows the GS3 to be completely portable while still providing excellent performance.

Many of the road blocks involved with mobile espresso service, include power requirements for 220 volts, but the GS3 is a 110 volt powerhouse that utilizes state of the art power management systems to allow you to steam milk and pull shots without concern of long recovery times. you are buying one of the best home appliances ever created.

La Marzocco GS/3 ~ Handmade in Florence Italy La Marzocco's GS/3 dramatically resets standards for performance among home and light commercial categories. It compared favorably to the finest high volume machines on the market today.

In a tiny footprint, with water reservoir or plumb-in options, the GS/3 suits home espresso preparation and use and yet has sufficient steam power and performance recovery for many commercial espresso applications including restaurants, catering and professional offices..


  • Automatic Dosing: programmable dosage buttons for single and double shots

  • Dual steel boilers: 3.5 liters for steam, 1.5 liters for coffee

  • Optimized temperature stability: saturated groups, PID temperature control within ±.5°C, pre-heated brew water

  • Safe water components: "cool-touch" hot water tap and protected steam wand

  • Self-contained unit: internal volumetric pump and 3.5-liter water reservoir

  • Intuitive user interface: multifunction keypads and digital display

Features & Functionality of the La Marzocco GS/3 Espresso Machine

    • Dual Stainless Steel Boilers: A 3.5 liter steam boiler produces strong, dry and sustained steam, easily producing latte micro foam. This is complemented by the separate 1.5 liter brew boiler, which allows for excellent temperature consistency and regulation for both operations.

    • Large Internal Reservoir: 3.5 liter reservoir loads from the bottom, resting behind the drip tray, and features an opening for easy refill without removing the entire unit.

    • Convertible Water Source: Use the internal reservoir or set the machine up to directly connect to your location's plumbing.

    • Sophisticated PID Control: Tailoring your brew temperature to achieve the best extract is simple with this digital-displayed PID that utilizes multifunction keypads.

    • No Burn Wands: Stainless steel hot water and steam wands feature 'Cool Touch' technology, decreasing the  burn factor.

    • Internal Volumetric Pump: Also known as a rotary vane pump, this quieter pump is designed to maintain a specific volume capacity that is consistently maintained.

    • Saturated Brew Group: Water is distributed evenly across the brew group, resulting in an more consistent pre-infusion and extraction rate, reducing the possibility of channeling.

    • Hot Water Tweaking: Easily select how much cold water you want incorporated into the hot water pulled from the boiler, tailoring your teas or Americanos to your preferred temperature.

    • Monster Drip Tray: If you don't setup the draining kit, no worries -- the huge capacity of the GS/3's drip tray means you won't have to empty it very often.

    • Pros

    • Temperature Control - With the PID interface, you can select your ideal brewing temperature based on the coffee you're using.

    • Steam Power - The GS/3 makes tons of dry steam that quickly and easily creates silky micro foam.

    • Build Quality - The commercial-grade build quality makes this machine a must for your home or café

Water Filter Systems

Protect your factory warranty and machine from harmful hard water minerals that cause calcium build up, & damage to your boiler, heating elements, water passages, and moving parts.

Help the taste of your coffee with a BMT Bestmax standard or premium with magnesium 4 stage filter or our standard system. When selecting the premium line with magnesium we recommend a water meter so you know when its time to change your filter as magnesium will show as a solid on a test strip.

Dial in the setting for your water hardness and brew system needs. based on degree of water hardness

This all in one filter system is the answer to most espresso machine water condition problems.

Just twist the all in one cartridge out of the self closing valve in head and spin the new replacement one in when needed, no water to shut off or turn on before changing,

BMT valve in head, 4-stage water filter system with filtration to 0.5 micron. Cartridge can lie sideways, set on its base or hang from the wall bracket included, recommended sizes based on water hardness and usage recommended.

See our compete BWT accessories discount package.

Before finalizing your purchase, please call toll free 866 711 3456 or 973-687 5090 to allow us the opportunity to make sure you have selected the machine and options that best meet your needs and budget