Mahlkonig K-30 Twin Espresso Grinder

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K-30 Twin Hopper Espresso Grinder

Cool Grinding New flow optimized high precision cutting discs guarantee cool grinding, even on very busy days.

Exact Portioning Electronically controlled, very exact, consistent dosage and grind profile ensure consistent pour rates, about 1.9 sec. per single espresso.

Operation insert the port-a-filter, push selection button single or double grinder starts automatically. The K 30 ES has 19 different grind settings for very small increments. The Vario allows even finer adjustment because it is steeples.
Optimum Range of Use The holder of the port-a-filter is adjustable for all types of espresso machines.

Quiet Operation The K 30 Twin is the quietest grinder. Traditional grinders are usually very noisy and disturb guests in a bar and the staff.

Modularity for Cleaning and Service

In less than one minute, the operator for cleaning or maintenance can disassemble the grinder. This allows frequent cleaning and hygienic grinding.

• freshly ground portion grinding
• no loss of aroma or coffee

• electronically controlled (timer)
• variable programming
• single and double shot preselection
• grinding time approx. 2 seconds for a single
espresso of 7 gram
• shot counter

• grinder starts automatically when inserting the
• hands-free operation
• parallel operation of both grinders
• stepless grind adjustment
• electronic shot counters
• fan for each grinder
• software menu in five languages
• alarm signaling and saving
• PIN-protected software for settings and service

• modular build-up
• illuminated operating display
• different colours and branding on request
• space-saving approx. 30% compared to two
conventional grinders
• easy cleaning
• separate hoppers of 750 g each
• add-on tamper

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