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Sumatra Mutu Batak 6 X 12oz Ground

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Sumatra Mutu Batak

Coffee comes in 2 way valve bags

6-12 oz. bags per Case

Price $15.00. Per = $90.00 Includes Shipping in Continental US

Fair Trade and Organic certified coffees.


Roast level: MEDIUM-LIGHT | Cupping notes: Forest Floor, Tobacco Leaf, Full mouthfeel

Takengon, Aceh

Our Sumatra Mutu Batak is a wet-hulled coffee, grown and produced in the highlands of Takengon, Aceh, situated on the northwest tip of Sumatra. The territory of Aceh is rich in biodiversity, from the coastal towns that lie on the Indian Ocean to the remote highlands that have produced coffee for hundreds of years. The town of Takengon is located in these highland elevations of 4,000-5,000 feet, on the shores of the crystal clear Lake Laut Tawar. The cool, consistent temperatures coupled with the abundant, pristine water supply from the lake offer ideal conditions for coffee growing.

One thing that makes Sumatran coffees unique is the wet hulling process known as Giling Basah, made possible by the abundance of small farms in Sumatra and its tropical climate. The process begins in the standard way – removing the skin of the coffee cherry and then fermenting to break down and remove the mucilage. At this point, the beans would normally be dried to a point of stability before removing the final parchment layer. The difference in Sumatra is that instead of allowing the remaining bean to dry to a point of stability before removing the parchment layer, the bean is removed from the parchment much earlier, resulting in a moisture level that is two to three times higher than normal. The result is a raw bean that has a dark jade color and an unmistakable flavor profile.

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