Nuova Simonelli

Nuova Simonelli 2 Group Appia Life XT Digit

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Nuova Simonelli

Appia Life XT Digit 2 Group 

Absolute will coordinate the installation of your espresso machine with a trained, local representative. Includes, Receiving, uncrate, inspection, drink set up, local installation to buyer made ready water, electric & demonstration. 2-year parts & 1 labor due to defective parts, note 220-volt machines come without plug.

Nuova Simonelli Appia Life XT Digit is ideal for those wanting excellent performance and reliability, but now with a lower profile, improved features, and easier serviceability. Plus, Appia Life delivers a 13% energy savings, and a 20% less environmental impact.

Though still lower-priced, Appia Life has a sleek design, improved brew groups & shot control buttons and an XT Series with advanced features (like the TFT Digital Display with PID). All Appia Life models retain standard features like soft infusion, powerful steam with push-pull controls, cool-touch wands with steam tips ideal for micro-foaming, automatic back-flushing, and much more.


  • Suitable for: restaurants, hotels, low to mid-range lower volume coffee shops, 

  • Colors: Black, Red, White

  • NSF rated (paperwork available upon request)

  • Includes factory accessories, gold service plan, and installation

  • Water filtration is required (sold separately) 

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!


  • Prepares up to 200 cappuccinos on a daily basis.

  • Upgraded raised groups make it easier to fit larger to-go cups underneath your portafilter, and the steam wand which will simplify milk-steaming.

  • Upgraded cool touch steam wands are double insulated wands that you can touch without burning your hand.

  • TFT Digital Display (to easily program espresso shot dosages, brightness, pre-infusion, several maintenance features, on/off times, and display various counters), along with many more smart functions, including a Remote-Control feature. The TFT also displays the espresso shot times, eliminating the need for external timers.

  • LED work lights

  • Drytex thermal boiler insulation

  • Easy maintenance

  • Automatic

  • Remote control

  • Reverse Mirror back-plate allows the barista to see inside groups or bottomless portafilters without bending over

  • Portafilters are solid chrome-plated brass with an ergonomic molded handle & rubber grip for minimizing stress on Barista’s wrist

  • Automated Back flushing for fast & easy group cleaning

  • Pressure Gauges display pump & steam pressure, making it easy to check pressure profiles and monitor machine performance

  • Features & Functionality of the Appia Volumetric

    • Heat Exchanger: With its Stainless boiler, with efficient insolation jacket this heat exchanger will allow you to brew and steam at the same time with ease and at a faster rate than non-heat exchangers. The temperature will stay consistent through the boiler to brew group giving you that ideal shot every time.

    • Soft Infusion System: Guarantees soft and creamy espresso shots every time.

    • Raised Group Heads: Tall enough to put your 21oz. cup right underneath the group.

    • Cup Warmer: The top of this machine functions wonderfully as a cup warmer, drawing heat directly from the boilers to the stainless-steel top, thus priming those espresso cups for perfect warmth.

    • Automatic Dosing: At a push of a button you won't need to worry when to stop or start your ideal shots. The programmable buttons make measuring the right amount of espresso a piece of cake.

    • 2 Group (Thermo compensated)

      AV \ Auto-Volumetric

      Heat Exchanger (11 liter)\ Presser stat standard

      Tall Cup

      2 Stainless steel steam arms

      1 Stainless steel hot water spigot


      voltage range of 208-240) • Watts: 3400

      Black, Red or Lux

Water Filter Systems

Protect your factory warranty and machine from harmful hard water minerals that cause calcium build up, & damage to your boiler, heating elements, water passages, and moving parts.

Help the taste of your coffee with a BMT Bestmax standard or premium with magnesium 4 stage filter or our standard system.

When selecting the premium line with magnesium we recommend a water meter so you know when its time to change your filter as magnesium will show as a solid on a test strip.

Dial in the setting for your water hardness and brew system needs. based on degree of water hardness

This all in one filter system is the answer to most espresso machine water condition problems.

Just twist the all in one cartridge out of the self closing valve in head and spin the new replacement one in when needed, no water to shut off or turn on before changing,

BMT valve in head, 4-stage water filter system with filtration to 0.5 micron. Cartridge can lie sideways, set on its base or hang from the wall bracket included, recommended sizes based on water hardness and usage recommended.

See our compete BWT accessories package discount package.

Before finalizing your purchase, please call toll free 866 711 3456 or 973-687 5090 to allow us the opportunity to make sure you have selected the machine and options that best meet your needs and budget