Rocket Commercial Boxer Timer 2 & 3 Group Volumetric

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Boxer Timer 2 & 3 Group

Full factory One-year parts warranty due to defective parts. 90 day labor


Solid performance, effort-saving volumetrics, and integrated shot timers in a compact footprint; the Boxer Timer is one of the best options for low- to medium-volume cafes. Equipped with everything your baristas need to keep the coffee flowing—including cool-touch steam wands, hot water mixing valves, and easy-cleaning stainless casing. All this functionality is wrapped up in a compact and sleek design that accommodates smaller spaces while standing out among the res


  • Advanced Temperature Stability: Thanks to the Thermosiphon System, the Rocket Espresso Boxer offers advanced group head temperature stability, ensuring a delicious shot of espresso with each brew cycle.
  • You Can Find Good Help!: The Boxer offers some much-needed assistance by controlling the volume and flow rate with its precise micro processing technology.
  • Automatic Backflush: At the end of a long day, who wants to perform regular maintenance? The Boxer knows that's the last thing on your mind and will graciously perform an automatic backflush every night.
  • Cool Touch Wand: Burning your fingers on a steam wand can really put a damper on your day. Thanks to the Boxer's Cool Touch Wand, you will no longer fear the wrath of a steam wand!
  • Heavy Duty Boiler: The Boxer's trusty copper boiler is always working to keep your water hot and ready for a brew or steam cycle.
  • Mirror, Mirror: Smile! You can't hide your reflection from the Boxer's shiny case and side panels.

Specification 1 group:

Height 18.5 inches Width 19 inches 

  • Depth 19.5 inches
  • Watts 2000W | 2300W Volts 115V | 240V
  • Boiler Volume 8.3 L | 13.2 L
  • Product Weight (lbs.) 0.0000
  • Manufacturer Rocket Espress
  • Specifications

    • Height 18.5 inches Width 25 inches Depth 19.5 inches
    • Watts 4300 W Volts 220V
    • Boiler Volume 13.2 liter
    • Product Weight (lbs.) 135.0000
    • Manufacturer Rocket Espresso