UNIC Tango ST Duo + Steam Air

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UNIC Tango ST Duo + Steam Air Super Automatic Espresso Machine in 1-Step and 2-Step

Experience the pinnacle of espresso technology with the UNIC Tango Duo ST series, available in 1-Step and 2-Step models. Designed for high-volume environments, these machines deliver consistent, high-quality coffee with advanced features and user-friendly interfaces. Perfect for specialty coffee shops, chains, and quick-service restaurants, the Tango Duo ST series ensures excellence in every cup.

Excellence in the Cup

Since 1919, UNIC has been synonymous with top-tier espresso craftsmanship. The Tango® Dual Infusion Chamber and precise grinders ensure the TANGO Duo ST delivers high-quality, replicable coffee results in every cup.

Beyond Expectations

Designed for high-volume coffee demands, the TANGO Duo ST excels in performance, producing up to 440 espresso cups per hour with consistent taste and quality. It seamlessly handles espressos, Americanos, cappuccinos, and lattes in 16 & 24 oz. sizes, one after another.

Superior Technical Components

The TANGO XP series features 83mm flat burrs and a powerful grinder motor, mirroring the consistency of high-volume coffee shops. The Tango brew group, made from unique metal, guarantees water temperature stability, ensuring the best coffee extraction. The patented dual infusion chamber replicates barista techniques with independent pistons and advanced software adjustments for perfect pre-infusion.

User Experience

The user-friendly 10" touchscreen interface allows easy customization of coffee and milk settings, providing a tailored drink menu. The TANGO Duo ST is designed for maximum functionality with a compact 50cm width, facilitating easy maintenance and full-time operation.

Efficiency and Serviceability

Key features include:

  • Tango Brew Group: Ensures temperature stability and high-quality output.
  • Heavy-Duty Components: Includes 83mm flat burr grinders and robust internal operations.
  • Lightweight Design: Uses lighter materials, maintaining a 500mm width and an intuitive user interface.
  • Easy Maintenance: Accessible electronics and hydraulics, with a pivoting front screen for full access to the brew group.
  • Regular Software Updates: Similar to mobile phone updates, ensuring the machine stays current.
Comprehensive Cleaning

Daily cleaning is made simple with intuitive, step-by-step illustrated instructions, ensuring easy maintenance for operators.

Detailed Comparison Summary

Feature 1-Step Model 2-Step Model
Automation Fully automated, handles grinding, brewing, and frothing Separate processes for espresso and milk
User Control Simplified for non-experts Higher customization for skilled baristas
Output Capacity 440 espresso cups/hour 440 espresso cups/hour
Simultaneous Drink Making 4 cups at a time 4 cups at a time
Touchscreen Interface 10" intuitive screen 10" intuitive screen
Dimensions (W x D x H) 19.8" x 25.7" x 31.57" 19.8" x 25.7" x 31.57"
Weight 214 to 231 lbs 214 to 231 lbs
Steam Boiler Capacity/Power 1.8 L / 5000 W 1.8 L / 5000 W
Coffee Boiler Capacity/Power 1.8 L / 3000 W 1.8 L / 3000 W
Total Power 4500-5990 W, 22-25 Amps 4500-5990 W, 22-25 Amps
Voltage 208-240 V (Single), 60 Hz 208-240 V (Single), 60 Hz
Grinders 2 x 83mm flat burr grinding discs (optional 3rd grinder) 2 x 83mm flat burr grinding discs (optional 3rd grinder)
Bean Hoppers 2 x 3.75 lb capacity (optional 3rd hopper with 1.5 lb capacity) 2 x 3.75 lb capacity (optional 3rd hopper with 1.5 lb capacity)
Patented Brew Group Tango® Dual Infusion Chamber Tango® Dual Infusion Chamber
Maintenance Access Easy access to electronics and hydraulics Easy access to electronics and hydraulics
Energy Saving Mode Day and night mode Day and night mode
Cleaning Auto clean cycle Auto clean cycle
Cup Warmer Capacity Holds up to 80 espresso cups Holds up to 80 espresso cups
Waste Bin Capacity Holds up to 130 used espresso cycles Holds up to 130 used espresso cycles
Hot Water Outlet 1 hot water outlet 1 hot water outlet
Low Beans Warning Yes Yes
Temperature Regulated Steam Wand Yes Yes
Framework Steel with epoxy painted finish Steel with epoxy painted finish
Customizable Icons and Buttons Yes Yes
Panel Control and Display Infusion programming by numbered display; CHRONOGRAPH monitors extraction time; self-diagnostic Infusion programming by numbered display; CHRONOGRAPH monitors extraction time; self-diagnostic
Coffee Spouts Convenient telescopic dismountable coffee spouts Convenient telescopic dismountable coffee spouts
Additional Equipment Tango XP Fridge available Not available
Ideal For High-volume coffee shops, QSRs, businesses with limited trained staff Specialty coffee shops, coffee chains, businesses with skilled baristas

UNIC Tango XP Fridge:

The Tango XP Fridge is an essential accessory for the UNIC Tango Duo ST 1-Step model, designed to enhance the efficiency and convenience of milk storage and frothing processes.


  • Dimensions: Width 10.4" x Depth 19.7" x Height 20.3"
  • Weight: 66 lbs
  • Capacity: Suitable for storing multiple milk containers to support high-volume operations
  • Construction: Built with durable materials to ensure longevity and consistent performance
Key Features:

  • Temperature Control: Maintains optimal milk temperatures for frothing, ensuring consistent quality in every cup.
  • Compact Design: Fits seamlessly alongside the UNIC Tango Duo ST 1-Step machine, occupying minimal counter space.
  • Easy Access: Designed for quick and easy access to milk containers, streamlining the workflow for baristas.
  • Durability: Constructed with high-quality materials to withstand the demands of busy coffee shop environments.
Tango XP Fridge is Ideal For:

  • High-Volume Coffee Shops: Ensures a steady supply of milk at the perfect temperature for frothing, essential for busy settings.
  • Quick-Service Restaurants (QSRs): Enhances the efficiency of the 1-Step model by providing consistent milk storage and access.

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