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Victoria Arduino 3 Group White Eagle T3

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Victoria Arduino

White Eagle T3 - 3 Group

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Absolute will coordinate the installation of your espresso machine with a trained, local representative

“The VA358 White Eagle T3 V with its independent brew group boilers and 3 points of temperature control with its volumetric system looks to continue the trend of offering specialty coffee shops an espresso machine that is consistent, reliable, and efficient.

Designed to enhance the relationship between the customer and the barista, the VA358 T3 puts quality first. With two available variations this machine has something to offer every coffee shop the T3 and the Digit.

The White Eagle T3 machine has two key notable features, the first being its striking aesthetics. White Eagle T3 is essentially a dynamic redesigned version of Nuova Simonelli’s well-respected Aurelia ll T3, that features individual boiler brew group technology, with 3 adjustable heat areas, the brew group boiler, the brew group electric heating element and the steam boiler with PID temperature control with the addition of a volumetric Digit control system not available on the Aurelia ll T3 that only comes in a semi automatic.

Incorporating the company’s World Barista Championship competition standard T3 technology into a digit automatic new sleek  package, one that would look quite at home on a contemporary specialty coffee bar

In VA 358 T3 ,is the first more affordable Eagle espresso coffee machine that is both “T3” and “Digit” technologies. This ensures thermal stability through 2 different brew group temperature control adjustments The combination of these two means the barista can ensure a consistently excellent espresso, personalized by enhancing the features and aromas of each type of coffee. VA 358 celebrates the function of design. Recalling the tradition of Victoria Arduino, the innovative and well finished lines of VA 358 enhance the beauty of a machine.

A coffee machine for the specialty coffee shop, a machine that is stable, consistent and volumetric. In the continuous search for a constant result in the cup, many baristas have verified and demonstrated how the volumetric system allows them to obtain a significantly higher quality repeatable product compared to the manual system. The volumetric version of the VA358 White Eagle addresses this need and goes beyond. We wanted to create a coffee machine for specialty baristas, making a volumetric model with the greatest temperature stability to help baristas in their daily work. We wanted the new machine to improve the relationship between customer and barista. The designer Viglino adopted a soft style, with more curves and asymmetrical elements, in a product 49 cm high.

Power Requirements

  • Volts: 220 (voltage range of 208-240) • Watts: 9500 • Amp draw: 44 • Receptacle: Nema 6-50

Counter Space Requirements Drain Requirements

  • Height: 20 inches • Depth: 26 inches • Width: 38 inches • Weight: 210 pounds

  • Drain Requirements

    • Open gravity drain of minimum 1.25 inch I.D., within 4 feet of the machine.

    • Water Filter Systems

      Protect your factory warranty and machine from harmful hard water minerals that cause calcium build up, & damage to your boiler, heating elements, water passages, and moving parts.

      Help the taste of your coffee with a BMT Bestmax standard or premium with magnesium 4 stage filter or our standard system. When selecting the premium line with magnesium we recommend a water meter so you know when its time to change your filter as magnesium will show as a solid on a test strip.

      Dial in the setting for your water hardness and brew system needs. based on degree of water hardness

      This all in one filter system is the answer to most espresso machine water condition problems.

      Just twist the all in one cartridge out of the self closing valve in head and spin the new replacement one in when needed, no water to shut off or turn on before changing,

      BMT valve in head, 4-stage water filter system with filtration to 0.5 micron. Cartridge can lie sideways, set on its base or hang from the wall bracket included, recommended sizes based on water hardness and usage recommended.

      See our compete BWT accessories package discount package.

      Before finalizing your purchase, please call toll free 866 711 3456 or 973-687 5090 to allow us the opportunity to make sure you have selected the machine and options that best meet your needs and budget