Astoria Core 600 TS 2 & 3 Group

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Groups & Option Package 2 group Tall Auto Steam White

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Astoria Core 600 2 & 3 group TS (Tall Cup + Auto Steam Wand)

Includes Free shipping & hook up of your espresso machine with a trained, local representative. Includes, 1 trip for local installation up to 2 hr. labor & 1 Hr. travel. to buyer made ready water, electric, carpentry, drink set up, & demonstration 1-year parts & 180 labor due to defective parts.

Core TS interprets the elegance of Astoria through simple lines and a modern shape that makes it immediately recognizable.

The satin-finished and varnished sides of Core 600 enhance its sophisticated design while reinforcing the machine's sturdiness. Effortless operation and resilience to knocks, wear, and corrosion make it the perfect choice for baristas seeking perfection in each cup of coffee. Core 600 perfectly blends design and functionality to deliver superior quality and reliability.

With Core 600, TS with its digital display provides the operator with feedback information and machine parameters adjustability by operator interaction.

The Core600's Sensitive Touch Buttons (STB) feature a backlit keyboard that allows operators to effortlessly choose the desired beverage with a light touch. The keypads are positioned closer to the user for an intuitive experience, and the TS version has a tailored display viewing angle for convenience.


  • Programming of coffee doses from the push-button panel

  • Auxiliary features for coffee dispensing

  • Button operated water dosed.

  • Automatic filling of boiler (AEA)

  • Astoria ergonomic filter holders

  • Insulated boiler

  • Energy-saving system

  • Boiler electronic programming/pressure control

  • Electronically controlled cup warmer

  • Dispensing Timer Function

  • Thermo-syphon circulation hydraulic circuit (CTS)

  • USB

  • Built-in motor pump

  • Professional installation and setup required

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! 

Display Features

  • Indicator boiler pressure and level

  • Temperature/pressure setting

  • Supply/delivery pressure display *

  • Time and date setting

  • Language setting

  • Cup warmer indicator light *

  • Auto steamer button *

  • Dispensing time groups

  • Viewing the warnings

  • Energy saving setting.

  • Viewing partial/global counter (including teas and washes)

  • Setting date, time, weekday, machine on/off

  • Machine power-off (stand-by)

  • Firmware release display

  • Beverage delivery chart display

  • Energy consumption chart display

2 Group Specifications 
  • Voltage 230 / 220 -240 V

  • Power 3700 / 4000 W

  • Heating Units 10.5 Lit

  • Wands Water-1, steam wands 2

  • Width 31 in

  • Depth 22.9 in

  • Height 21.9 in

  • Net weight 150 Lb./ Gross 260 / lb.

3 Group Specifications 
  • Power 220-240 /5300 / 5700 W

  • Boilers 17 Lit

  • Wands Water-1, steam wands 2

  • Width 40/ in

  • Depth 22.9 / in

  • Height21.9 mm / in

  • Net weight 180 / lb.

  • Gross weight 224/ lb.

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