Bezzera Duo DE

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Bezzera  Duo DE 


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Bezzera’ s DUO DE is a stunning dual boiler machine that features an intuitive touch screen display, triple PID thermostats, automated pre-infusion, brewing, and backflushing. With the Bezzera Duo DE you can brew more and sip a premium espresso.

Features and Performance

Programable on and off times through built in software

Built in reservoir or direct plumbed operation, along with programable instruction the machine will backflush itself automatically. Another major upgrade from the DE version is the DUO DE’s volumetric adjustable brewing capability. You can program four different shot volumes or brew manually, because Bezzera is all about options. 

They also let you choose between plumbed and reservoir operation, and, another new addition, choose which boiler has priority during heat up. Or, you could just program your DUO DE to turn on automatically before you wake up so it’s ready when you are.

The Bezzera DUO DE features the same automated pre-infusion found on the Matrix DE model, and operation is the same. Brewing is easy using the intuitive push button and toggle operation; each function designated by a stylized icon. Steaming too, the DUO DE’s steam wand toggles on for powerful steaming and flipping it up locks it into place for an uninterrupted stream.

We’ve found that you can get really amazing shots just pressing one of those brew buttons if you take the time to dial in the pre-infusion and shot times. Of course, you can also brew manually and experiment as is you want.

Why You Should Get It

The DUO DE is dynamic and reliable; The touchscreen display is a pleasure to use, and offers a surprisingly deep level of functionality and control. The electrically heated brew group supplements temperature stability, which is already very stable thanks to the dual boilers. Finally, the volumetric controls are great for anyone who wants the power of a prosumer machine but who enjoy the convenience of automatic brewing.

Triple PID Thermostats

The DUO DE offers you total control with triple PID thermostats. You can regulate the steam boiler within a range of 212°F to 266°F, and the brew temp within 190°F to 200°F. The temperature of Bezzera' s pro proprietary group is also maintained by a thermostat. Grant priority to one boiler over the other during heat up, or allow them to default to alternating priority.

Programmable Volumetric Brewing

There are five brew buttons located on the front of the machine for a single, double, septuple, octuple shot brewing, or manual use. Four buttons can be programmed to dispense your preferred volume of espresso, and the manual button serves the dual purpose of pulling manually controlled shots as well as programming the volumes of the other.

Electrically Heated Brew Group Head

The DUO DE’s group is a specialized and electrically heated group head designed for maximum temperature stability. The group head is heated by two dedicated heating elements and controlled by a PID thermostat. The dual elements help to provide even heating to the group head to aid in maintaining temperature stability.


Power Supply:



12.83 inch


18.50 inch


16.73 inch

Net Weight:

67 lbs.

Gross Weight:

73 lbs.


1400 watts

Water Tank Capacity:

4.0 L

Coffee Boiler Capacity:

0.45 liter

Steam Boiler Capacity:

1.5 liter

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