BWT Bestmax Kit Mini Plumed Deluxe + Premium Filter save $25.00.

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Size Mini Delux Kit

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BWT Bestmax Kit Mini Deluxe & Premium Filter


Premium filter: BWT Premium filters are designed to and add magnesium adding provides a sweetness to your water and helps the taste of your coffee. while removing negative taste, order, sediment, gypsum, limescale and sodium preventing calcium and scale build up. 

Save $15.00 on Kit + $10.00 on Filter Selection

Hose set includes 3/8-inch stainless Steel braded house for plumbing your espresso machine or filter head.

BWT Filter Head          $120.00

Pressure relief valve      $70.00

Flow Meter                  $160.00

Need to measure. Premium filter usage as magnesium shows as a solid on a test strip.

Hose                             $30.00

Connector                     $20.00 = $400.00

Option 3/8 to 1/4 reducer 812173 in exchange for 3/8 x 3/8

$385.00= save $15.00 =$385.00-$10 on filter =$25.00 savings

Products Description: Filter head It has 3 built in selections, for degree of filtration needed, based on your water condition, Heavy, Medium or Light hard minerals.

The BWT filter head, just set the filtration # you need, when it's time to change to a new filter, just twist out the old one and turn in the new one. The built in on / off water shut off valve eliminates the need to close and open a valve manually.

Pressure Relief Valve: It is always best to pre flush your new water filter before connecting it to your machine The flush valve lets you pre-flush your filter without disconnecting the hose from the machine to eliminate any air pockets or loss carbon resin getting into the machine's internal parts.

Water flow Meter: The water flow meter will tell you when its time to change your filter based on factory recommended usage for your size filter and your water condition based on total hardness. 

BWT Stainless Hose includes 3/8-inch stainless steel braded house for plumbing your espresso machine with BWT Filter Head Adapter 3/8 hose fitting.

A set of OD 3/8 metric to 3/8 US fittings. therefor the fittings are metric the adapter set will allow you to us a US connection for your needs.

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