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BWT Filter for me

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BWT Bestmax vs BWT Bestmax Premium vs BWT Bestprotect

BWT Bestmax Filters

The BWT Bestmax, with its simple and practical usability, is going to be a great choice for an all-round filter cartridge. This universal, ion-exchange filter system helps to optimize your raw water to your specific requirements while protecting your equipment from limescale buildup. A blended partial flow (0–3) is adjusted at the filter head depending on the water hardness and requirements. Check valves in the filter head prevent any water from back flow into the drinking water mains or filter cartridge and protect against uncontrolled water discharge. BWT bestmax food-safe filter systems are pressure-resistant and safe.

BWT Bestmax Premium Filters

The Bestmax Premium filter cartridge by BWT is an all-in-one water filtration solution. It is particularly ideal for filtering water used in hot beverages such as coffee and espresso. The Bestmax Premium is a modular multi-stage filter that incorporates BWT’s patented Mg2+ technology. This innovative technology enriches the filtered water with magnesium, a well-known flavor enhancer for your coffee that may be lost to other filtration methods.

BWT Bestprotect Filters

The BWT Bestprotect filter solution is designed to significantly prolong the lifespan of your machine while enhancing the quality of your espresso. Using BWT’s advanced 5-stage filtration system, it effectively prevents the accumulation of unwanted minerals such as limescale and gypsum. Additionally, it maintains a consistently high pH level, reducing the risk of corrosion and safeguarding your machine from the buildup of excessive deposits. The activated charcoal fleece used in Bestprotect ensures that you enjoy crystal-clear water, which is essential for producing high-quality beverages.

Water is, undoubtedly, an often overlooked variable in the coffee-brewing process that impacts the final taste to an almost unbelievable degree, and it’s in this world that BWT water filters emerge as champions in the pursuit of excellence. By combining advanced technology, a commitment to taste, and a focus on sustainability, BWT has elevated the standard for water filtration.

If you have any questions about BWT water filters or  water filtration in general, please contact us. We are always happy to talk all things coffee and espresso, and we would be thrilled to help you find the right water filtration system for you.

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