Compak i3 Pro Espresso Grinder

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Compak I3 Pro Grinder


Don't Let Size Fool You

Independent pre-programmed selection for one, two doses, or continuous coffee.


The Compak i3 PRO espresso grinder embodies precision engineering and thoughtful design, tailored for coffee enthusiasts and professionals alike. This grinder is a testament to the blend of sophistication and functionality that Compak is renowned for, offering unparalleled control over the grind size and consistency, essential for extracting the perfect espresso shot.


At the heart of the Compak i3 PRO lies its robust flat burr mechanism, sized impressively at 58mm. These burrs are crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and consistent performance. The choice of flat burrs is deliberate, aimed at achieving a uniform grind size, which is crucial for balanced extraction. This feature alone makes the i3 PRO a standout, as it directly influences the flavor and body of the espresso, allowing for a rich and complex cup that can satisfy the palate of the most discerning coffee aficionados.


The grinder's motor is another aspect where it shines. Designed to minimize heat generation, it ensures that the coffee beans are protected from any heat-induced flavors during grinding. This thoughtful engineering underscores the commitment of Compak to preserve the integrity of the coffee's taste and aroma, providing a fresh and vibrant espresso shot every time.

Capacitive keyboard with LCD display

Set the grind point with maximum precision in a very simple and intuitive way. The new Parallel locking system provides an extra level of security always ensuring parallel positioning between burrs.

Micrometric Parallel System adjustment with regulator brake


◦ Capacitive keypad with LCD display. Independent pre-programmed selection for one, two doses, or continuous 
◦ Micrometric Parallel system regulation.
◦ Height-adjustable portafilter holding clip.
◦ Production*: 2,5 g/s
◦ Long-lasting tempered steel 100Cr6. Food-grade material.

Burrs durability*: 880 Lb.
◦ Standard hopper: 1.5 Lb / optional low profile for under 18 inches

Key specifications

Motor output



Revolutions per minute



Ø Burrs



Espresso point production



Time x doses Espresso (7 g)



Hopper capacity



Height x width x depth

515 x 190 x 315


Net weight



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