Anfem Scody ll On Demand Titanium Coated Buurs

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Scody ll 75mm Titanium Coated Burrs OD 

Espresso Grinder

Anfem here today and tomorrow

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Developed to offer the perfect tool for the busy coffee café the SCODY ll comes with 75mm Titanium coated burrs for longer life

The “OD” stands for “on demand,” and these doserless grinders from Anfem have the potential to move your espresso coffee to the next level. 75 mm burr grinders have been shown to extract more of what the bean has to offer, and the Scody ll  OD brings to you Anfem precision grinding in a package full of ease of operation quality.  The easy to read grind setting and adjustment with strong drive motor provides a very stable platform. They are suited to be dedicated espresso grinders.