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Astoria Plus 4 You TS SAE 2 Group 

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From a small town in the province of Treviso, Italy, Astoria was started in 1969 by a group of artisans who launched an idea and transformed it into the largest single coffee machine factory in the world. Today, the Astoria brand is reaching over 150 countries. They have become a leading producer of quality professional espresso machines that blends a perfect mix of artistry, technology, and sustainability.

Plus 4 You TS

Plus 4 You TS belongs to the Astoria high range models known for their dynamic and energetic lines that enhance performance in terms of quality in the cup and energy savings. It’s a machine that can be adapted to your particular blend so you can enjoy excellent and consistent results every time.


The design of Plus 4 You TS underlines the components of high technology that is the driving force of Plus 4 You. The keypad is backlit to facilitate the search for functions and it is set at a suitable ergonomic height on the work front to optimize, speed and improve the barista’s operations. With only a few easy movements the barista can serve out all the requested drinks.

The standard machine comes with a LED light that illuminates the working area and retractable raised cup grates for maximum versatility in all preparations. The touchscreen display is placed in the center of the controls area and allows the barista to program and see the main parameters of the machine.

Multiple Heating Technology

Modularity is one of the key concepts of Plus 4 You TS: the steam boiler, independent tanks, and the electronic management system enable each unit to work autonomously. In case the coffee extraction does not work properly, Plus 4 You suggests on the display the appropriate corrective actions.

Each brewing group has its own tank and so it is possible to adjust the machine at different temperatures for different coffee blends and thus always guarantee maximum stability and yield in the cup

Temperature Self-Adjustment

Quality is ensured by an innovative control system that manages the single groups in all phases of coffee extraction, from pre-infusion to dispensing. A thermal control device allows Plus 4 You to combine maximum performance with the most suitable temperature. It simultaneously compares the parameters for dispensing individual coffees with optimal pre-set values and, in real-time and according to the singularities of the coffee used.


Plus 4 You fully satisfies the needs of the roaster and of the barista. They will thus both guarantee their client an excellent product in the cup thanks to a machine that can be set up based on the characteristics of every blend of coffee. Modularity is one of the key concepts that identifies Plus 4 You: the steam boiler, the water reservoirs, and the electronic control system allow independent operation of each group.

With Plus 4 You it is possible to:
    - program the independent coffee water tank temperature for each single group
    - program the pressure of the steam
    - continuously and constantly produce steam with a dedicated boiler
    - guarantee only the minimum temperature variations of the coffee water (max. +/- 1°C) compared to the set value
      Energy Saving

      Plus 4 You is a machine from Astoria’s Green Line: these machines have a low environmental impact and can reduce consumption by up to 47.6%* compared to traditional coffee machines. Thanks to innovative software that manages the automatic standby during operating pauses, the night Energy-saving feature, and the intelligent adjustment of the temperatures, Plus 4 You distributes the power only where and when it is needed.

      Also, Plus 4 You automatically puts one or more groups into standby or “sleeping” mode when the workload decreases and prepares them for full capacity when needed. If the barista needs all the groups to work, he can himself directly activate them from the keypad and they will be ready to operate at the programmed temperatures within 60 seconds. We thus have flexibility, constant and consistent performance as well as the highest quality in the cup with definite savings and benefits for the barista, the roaster, and the environment.

      Features of the Plus 4 You TS:
      • Electronic dispensing of servings
      • Automatic water refill
      • Hot water mixing system
      • Electronically controlled cup heater
      • LED illumination of workspace
      • Raised groups
      • Retractable raised cup grates
      • USB port for programming
      • Multifunctional Touch Screen color display
      • Display functions language options: Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese
      • Display: programming of the temperature of the coffee water tank for each group
      • Display: programming of the temperature of each group
      • Display: programming of the steam boiler pressure
      • Display: counter of selections for each type of serving
      • Display: diagnostic messages for easier service
      • Display: manual or automatic energy saving settings
      • Display: notice of required water softening
      • Display: machine parameters
      • Built-in motor pump
      • Optional: Auto steam with 4 selections, Cool Touch steam wan
      2 Grp Specifications:

      2 Groups


      220 V

      Total power

      4.400 W / 4.900 W

      Power per group

      150 x 2 W / 165 x 2 W

      Water-coffee tank resistance power per group

      1.000 x 2 W / 1.090 x 2 W

      Steam boiler power

      3.000 W / 3.270 W

      Steam boiler capacity

      8 lt

      Water tank capacity

      1.2 x 2 lt


      185 lb

      Dimensions W x D x H

      32.9 x 22.2 x 22.6 in

       3 Grp Specifications:

      3 Groups


      220 V

      Total power

      6.000 W / 6.700 W

      Power per group

      150 x 3 W / 165 x 3 W

      Water-coffee tank resistance power per group

      1.000 x 3 W / 1.090 x 3 W

      Steam boiler power

      4.000 W / 4.355 W

      Steam boiler capacity

      13 lt

      Water tank capacity

      1.2 x 3 lt


      229 lb

      Dimensions W x D x H

      42.3 x 22.2 x 22.6 in


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