Barista Attitude Tempesta 2 & 3 Group

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Astoria TEMPESTA 2 & 3 Group

Includes Free shipping & hook up of your espresso machine with a trained, local representative. Includes, 1 trip for local installation to buyer made ready water, electric, carpentry, drink set up, & demonstration. set up, & demonstration. 1-year parts & 1 year labor due to defective parts.

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Independent boilers 

Tempesta is a multi-boiler coffee machine that is a blend of craftsmanship and high technology.

Thanks to Tempesta, baristas are free to express themselves and explore their capacity for experimentation through simple and comfortable actions.

TEMPESTA is the latest chapter of the BARISTA ATTITUDE

Astoria's top of the line machine packs in high-tech features like

A live graph of pressure and flow rate for every shot,

independent brew boilers with PID temperature control,

Cool touch steam wands with tons of power. Anti-Scalding

Tempesta features the Barista Attitude anti-scalding, cantilevered steam wand which offers great safety and easy return movement to the drip tray,

When the machine is idle. It boasts of Super Dry which is the innovative system that keep steam dry and with minimal initial condensation, guaranteed by a second heating spout which dissolves any condensation. Since the moment of wand activation, performance can be extended even with two open steam wands, without any yield loss and with full pressure control. Steam Boost

Tempesta is equipped with the SB (Steam Boost) option, which can be activated by the technician during installation or is available in the Extreme Steam Boost version, which can maximize the efficiency of steam production, as needed. SB increases steam production by activating the heating units even during high-volume espresso making (alternating power between service and coffee heating units).

In the ESB version, however, steam production is maximum, all heating units on Tempesta can be activated at the same time, minimizing the recovery time of the machine (maximum absorbed power for 

Capacitive Display Tempesta is equipped with a 5” capacitive display per group, with which it is possible to: - Set the dispensing temperature for each group - Display the graph of the last coffees prepared - Set the power saving mode - Program doses - Display counters - Wash group -

Connect to the Cloud Server

LED Lighting To make Tempesta usable under any light condition and ensure that coffee is optimally viewed inside the cup, the work counter.


LED lights, whose intensity can be adjusted from the display directly by the user. Adjustable

Drip Tray Adjusting the machine’s drip tray allows baristas keeping the cup at the most appropriate level.

Ordinary cleaning operations are also more fluid and homogeneous thanks to the machine’s rounded shape, while washing is made easy by two slider lanes that allow the insertion and the frontal extraction of the drip tray.

Water and Power Cables Cover

The loading and unloading hoses and feed inputs are connected within a cylindrical structure that makes the visible part of the machine more elegant and neater.

As a result, cables and hoses are directly connected to the hole on the counter, avoiding the exposure of cables typical of raised machines.

The structure also includes two lateral holes for the passage and insertion of the grinders’ power feed.

Green Line Astoria believes in environmental protection, energy saving and waste reduction in any form.

The machines have been designed to ensure low environmental impact, reducing consumption up to 47.6% compared to traditional coffee machines.

Thanks to innovative software that manages the standby automatic system during breaks, nighttime energy-saving function and intelligent temperature regulation,

Tempesta distributes power only where and when needed. In addition, Tempesta automatically puts one or more groups into standby mode when the workload decreases, reverting to full-time mode as warranted by circumstances.

Features of the Tempesta:

Electronic cup warmer

LED-lit work counter LED backlight with light-intensity change

Energy Saver: automatic on/Off and Standby Mode of use: comfort (machine always active),

Weekly programming (programming of time slots for standby),

Eco (self-learning based on machine operation)

Views: time, brewing temperature, brewing chart

Machine parameters export Counts: number of coffee and hot water delivered,

Liters of water consumed, warning regeneration filters,

grinder wear and tear,

number of washings performed.

Digital boiler pressure display and control

Digital delivery pressure display

USB port User interface: a display for each group.

choice of skin type

Maintenance: servicing for scheduled maintenance

Languages (Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Russian)

Customizable screensaver

Dose programming Coffee recipes: possibility of parameter settings for different types of coffee Basin. 

e. Hydraulic circuit efficiency control system

Colors: Matt Black/Chrome, White/Chrome

Optional Features: Auto-steamer WiFi for telemetry ESB (Extreme Steam Boost) Superb thermal management: set boiler water and group temperatures per group. programmable, volumetric dosing buttons Mechanical quick-start button: set to a programmed dose, continuous flow, or a purge.

Programmable timed pre-infusion Responsive 5" touch display on each group Live pressure and flow graph during shot pulling. Hot water dispenser with cool water mixing valve. Auto backflush cycle Barista downlights Articulating cool touch steam wands with lever actuators Adjustable leg and drip tray height Eco-modes for power savings that suit your shop's needs and schedule.

2 Group Specifications: 

Operation: Auto Volumetric Boiler

Type: Multi-boiler

Brew boiler capacity: 1.2 L x 2

Steam boiler capacity: 8.5

L 19.7"H X 40.7"W X 24.3"D

Weight: 214 lbs

Voltage: 220v

 5800 / 6315 Watts  

Group Heater Wattage: 150w x 2

Brew Boiler Wattage: 1000w x 2

Steam Boiler Wattage: 3000w.


Operation: Auto Volumetric

Boiler Type: Multi-boiler

Brew boiler capacity: 1.2 L x 3

Steam boiler capacity: 8.5 L

19.7"H X 46.2"W X 24.3"D

Weight: 258 lbs.

Voltage: 220v

7333 / 7985 Watts

Brew Boiler Wattage: 1000w x 3 Group.

Heater Wattage: 150w x 3

Steam Boiler Wattage: 4000

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The BWT 0.5-micron cartridge can rest horizontally, be placed on its base, or be hung from the included wall bracket.

Recommended sizes based on water hardness and usage.

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