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BWT Bestmax Flex head build in by pass valve

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Flex Filter Head with Built in Flush Valve

We over a verity of hose & adapters to work with the 3/8 BSA head thread.

3/8 BSA to 3/8 US or 1/4 US 

No water to shut off and turn on with this self closing and opening valve in head system

With BWT besthead FLEX, the filter head with the world's most flexible connector technology, installing the filter is really easy, even where space is tight. Its innovative FLEX technology with its configured angle adjustment in 30° increments allows for the best possible orientation of the connector hoses, even where space is at a premium. It saves on space, whilst ensuring maximum safety. Thanks to the direct connection of FLEX insert components to the filter head, there is no need for additional double nipples or compression joints. When installing the product, you can use a wide variety of connectors and prefabricated hoses to connect to the raw water and to the consumer unit. Without exception, they are all equipped with FLEX insert connectors and are inserted directly into the unique interface on the filter head, where they are securely held by a clip that can be released without needing a tool. Non-return valves in the filter head on the feed and outflow prevent water from flowing back into the filter cartridge or into the mains system. Both the BWT besthead FLEX filter head and all components with FLEX insert connectors are manufactured in food-safe materials and can be used worldwide on all drinking 

With a built in pressure release flush valve and multi swing adapter fittings availability , you have it all in the new filter head from BWT  

The BWT Flex filter head makes life so easy.  Just set the filtration # you need based on your water hardness and the BWT filter chart recommendation per filter model, 1, 2 or 3  to get the proper protection and the longest life from your BWT filter

With this all in one valve in head system. When its time to put in a new filter, just twist out the old one and turn in the new one 

NOTE: All equipment, including but not limited to espresso machines, water softeners, filters, and hoses have the potential for leaking when directly plumbed to a water source (well water, rusty water, etc). Please properly install water leakage equipment to shut off the water supply if any leakage occurs. Leakage can occur from lack of proper maintenance and/or too high-water line pressure. Absolute Espresso Plus is not responsible for any loss, incidental or consequential damages from water leakage