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BWT Bestmax Plumbed Premium Installation Kit + Filter saves $40.00

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BWT Bestmax Deluxe kit & Filter save $40.00

 Kit $390.00 Save $30.00 on Kit + $10.00 on Filter Selection 

Head                                            $100.00 
Pressure relief valve                    $55.00
Water Flow Meter                     $125.00 
Hose set                                       $55.00
Fitting set                                    $50.00
Carbonate hardness test kit      $35.00 = $420.00-$30 $390.00-$10/00 option filter 

Products Description

Pick the hose and adapter set that fits your installation needs

Hose set includes 3/8-inch stainless Steel braded house for plumbing your espresso machine or filter head.

BWT Filter Head 

It has 3 built in selections, for degree of filtration needed, based on your water condition, Heavy, Medium or Light hard minerals  

The BWT filter head  

Just set the filtration # you need, when it's time to change to a new filter, just twist out the old one and turn in the new one. The built in on / off water shut off valve eliminates the need to close and open a valve manually.

Pressure Relief Valve

It is always best to pre flush your new water filter before connecting it to your machine to eliminate any air pockets or loss carbon resin getting into the machine's internal parts.

BWT Hose Set

Hose set includes 3/8-inch stainless steel braded house for plumbing your espresso machine with BWT Filter Head

Adapter 3/8 hose fitting 

A set of OD 3/8 metric to 3/8 US fittings. BWT is a European based mfg. therefor the fittings are metric the adapter set will allow you to us a US connection for your needs  

Water Flow Meter

The water flow meter help will tell you when it's time to change your filter. This gives you both maximum protection to your machine and life to your filter. knowing when to replace is better than guessing or damaging your machine with calcium from hard water. Just set the meter to the proper setting based on the filter book instructions.

Carbonate Hardness test Kit

It's important to know your water carbonate hardness to provide the proper protection through the head setting for your machines from Calcium damage.

 Premium filter

BWT Premium filters have magnesium in them to sweeten the coffee water for improved taste to the water

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