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E 37T Titanium 83mm Burrs 

Developed to offer the perfect tool for the professional barista. The E-37T Ceado 83mm Titanium Burr model incorporates the top quality long life titanium Burrs and cooling fan required by the best baristas for competition at its highest level.

The “OD” stands for “on demand,” and those doserless

Grinders from Ceado have the potential to move your espresso coffee shop to the next level. Titanium burr grinders have been shown to extract more of what the bean has to offer, and the E37T  OD brings to you CEADO precision grinding in a package full of innovation and top quality. The Ceado top burr housing designee provides a very stable burr platform and easy to change grinder burrs, while at the same time with no loose of grind setting. The rubber mounted drive motor provides a very quite and stable platform as well. They are  suited  to be dedicated espresso grinders. 

Owning the Ceado E37T

The top tier in Ceado’s E37 flat burr series, the E37T is a powerful grinder that towers over the others and features an upgraded motor and capacity. Like the E37J and E37S, the E37T is stepless, meaning you have access to essentially infinite grind settings by pulling the adjustment lever on the collar. The mechanically suspended, 750 watt motor is surprisingly quiet, and tirelessly revolves the E37T’s durable 83mm titanium burrs. A built in fan system helps keep the burrs running cool and protects the motor from overheating, ensuring it performs in even the most high stress scenarios and keeps your coffee’s integrity intact. Ceado’s Portioning System Selector allows you to choose between automatically dosing a single or double timed shot, which is consistent within 1/10th of a second, or grinding manually. Grounds are kept clump free by a little flap integrated into the coffee chute, which is very effective at breaking them up so that grounds dispense evenly into the middle of your portafilter each time you grind. Plus, the portafilter locks into place for hands free grinding. Ceado delivers another excellently crafted grinder for bustling cafes with the E37T.

Steady Lock Grinder

This system, unique in the world, ensures in any working stress condition a constant distance between the burrs, allowing to keep the chosen grinding consistency.

Active thermal control

The exclusive automatic thermal control system protects the consistency of the coffee from the excessive peaks in temperature normally created in the grinding chamber

    Silent System

    The innovative mechanical suspension of the motor and the soundproofing make Ceado coffee grinders the quietest on the market.

    Work better

    The shuffle snoot combines high output with perfect distribution of coffee particles and allows for a more even drop, even with filter holders of different sizes.


    • Power 740 W

    • Net weight 16,5 kg

    • Gross weight 18,5 kg

    • Dimensions 212x309x645h mm

    • Burrs Flat ø 83 Titanium

    • Hopper capacity 1600 g

    • Display Touch display

    • Start Portafilter

    • Rpm 50hz / 60hz 1480 / 1700

    • Before finalizing your purchase, please call toll free 866 711 3456 or 973-687 5090 to allow us the opportunity to make sure you have selected the machine and options that best meet your needs and budget