Compak E8 OD

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Compak E8 LLS OD


Innovation intersects tradition.

This new your boat LLS grinder from Compak brings the latest in accuracy to your espresso coffee.
With easy to remove grinder chamber top to its new deeper channel burrs you now have the ability to clean your grinding chamber and shut of any ground coffee residue as well as get more coffee faster with less RPM.
The Cleaner your grinding chamber the more accurate your coffee weight will be. providing you more accuracy and consistent taste to your espresso  
Key specifications


Innovation intersects tradition.

Motor 630 W to 1.310 rpm

Powerful motor that allows you to work continuously in situations of high demand, maintaining all the properties of the coffee.

Flat 83 mm burrs

Made of high-durability tempered steel (100Cr6).
Ensures accurate particle size for Espresso and spectacular productivity.
Durability: 800 Kg

2.8” High Tech touchscreen

Multilingual, with burr change alarm, screensaver, and total and partial dose counters. Access protection with a password.

Lock & Load System

Instant access to the grinding chamber by simply moving two levers. Cleaning or changing the burrs without losing the adjustment.

Key specifications

Motor output 630 W
Revolutions per minute 1.310 rpm
Ø Burrs 83 mm
Espresso point production 4,2 g/s
Hopper capacity 1.250 g
Height x width x depth 600 x 230 x 385 mm
Net weight 15,36 kg
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