Compak PKE 83 On Demand

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Compak PKE 83 On Demand

Designed with the True Artisan Coffee Shop in mind

Providing low speed HIGH PRESSICION Particle distribution grinding.

With new deeper cut burr channels, ultra-long life 83 mm flat burrs to deliver more coffee per RPM and run at a cooler slow speed while delivering more precise particulates.  A true gourmet coffee house grinder.

Compak PK Manifesto


The PK line offers a true advance in the evolution of coffee grinding in the Specialty Coffee industry.


As the Specialty Coffee industry tinkered with lighter roasts and denser Arabica beans over this past decade, extracting sweetness and finding balanced acidity proved to be a challenge, and coffee grinding was found to be one of the main obstacles to consistently brewing an extraordinary cup.  Brewing parameters were tweaked, methods refined, while roasts and beans were continually pushed to new profile limits.  Needless to say, the industry was forced to look towards outdated technology and repurposed grinding options, as it stumbled toward advances in flavor amplification through increased extraction yield.      


Out of this trial-and-error process within the industry, with less than perfect technologies, the PK Concept was born: 

- Flavor Amplification through grinding with large flat burrs designed for higher extraction yields through breakthroughs in burr design geometries.

- Slow burr rotation for added temperature stability, dosing consistency, reduced static charge, less mess.

- Extremely low coffee retention.

- High Barista usability focus

Motor Output                                        950 W

RPM                                              350 Per Min

Burrs                                                      83 MM

Time/                                            7 gr. 7.05 sec

Hopper Capacity                                3.74 Lb.

 Fan                                                   Cooling