Fiorenzato F83 E Pro

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Fiorenzato F83 E Pro


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What Makes It Pro?

The latest innovation from professionals to professionals. Easy access to the grinding Chamber, simply flip up the 2 clips situated on either side of the grinder. This innovation simplifies and speeds up maintenance operations of the machine. It’s easy to carry out periodic cleaning, replace burrs, remove foreign objects that can lead to the engine blocking.

Once detached, the chamber housing the anti-clumping blade can also be removed in order to clean out the grinder spout. This operation will not modify the grinding point setting in any way. The detachable grinding chamber also ensures up to 50% reduction of coffee retention compared to existing models.

• An electronic coffee grinder with a big and intuitive full-color touchscreen LCD display. With 83-mm flat burrs and a capacity of 1350-1550 revs per minute.

All the best of technology in a single grinder: the exact weight of coffee to be ground can be set once and kept constant over time.


• Doser less

• Stepless adjustment

• Continuous micrometric grinding adjustment

• E Model = single-dose system

• Standard fork

• Color: Black

• Grinding adjustment with ring nut

• ETL Approved


• Power: 650 Watt

• Flat grinders, diameter 83 mm

• 1350/min (50 Hz), 1550/min (60 Hz) RPM

RPM: 1350, 1550 RPM o Motor: 650W

Bean Hopper Capacity: 1500g

Adjustment Configuration:

Stepless - Infinite Settings

Dimensions (w x h x d): 230 x 270 x 670 mm o

Grinder Material: Hardened Steel

Burr Diameter: 83 mm o

Net Weight: 35 lbs. 

PLEASE NOTE: Each grinder is factory tested and calibrated with actual coffee beans prior to being sold. Therefore, it is normal to have some coffee residue/dust/particles leftover from the calibration process in a "factory new" grinding machine.

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