La Cimbali M26 TE RE Tall Turbo Steam 2 & 3 Group

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Size 2 Group

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M26 TE 2 & 3 Group T/E Tall Milk4 Turbo Steam

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The past meets the present: visible chrome groups, metal feet and optional wooden decorations are just some of the features that make the M26TE RE a premium model.

Designed to make the barista’s life as easy as possible, the machine is increasingly user-friendly thanks to the service display and the work surface lights. Ergonomic and dynamic, the M26TE RE is equipped with a backlit electromechanical control panel, angled filter holders and long steam wands.

Technology and precision grinding Thanks to the Perfect Grinding System (PGS) and Bluetooth technology, the M26 TE RE interacts with the grinder to ensure automatic and precise grinding adjustment for consistently high-quality coffee, without assistance from a barista. Perfectly frothed milk

The Full-Size versions can be equipped with the Turbo Steam Milk4 steam wand to heat up or froth milk automatically, also in small quantities. The exclusive Milk4 technology enables users to program 4 different hot milk recipes, choosing the temperature and frothing level for each recipe.

La Cimbali has built a solid reputation on the world stage for long lasting, reliable machines that make a great consistent espresso, shot after shot. Cimbali machines are used worldwide for over 75 years. The M26 TE RE is the top-level model of the M26 line.

It provides Thermal drive brew groups with adjustable brew group temperatures, a digital controlled volumetric system providing the operator with important feedback information such as shot times, boiler temperature, shots served, self-cleaning and other operator assist information.

With the LaCimbali turbo steam system in a tall cup frame. The system provides the operator with 4 pre-selected milk temperatures and foam consistency settings for a verity of milks. In this new green machine with it's up to date technology normally found in more expensive machines you will find the Cimbali renowned patented smart boiler and heat exchanger system. You can rely on top performance at busy times with this time proven system. Cimbali Patented "Smart Boiler" technology optimizes the boiler's filling cycles, to create a perfect thermal balance between water and steam. This enables baristas to maintain high output levels at peak times while providing a power efficient platform. T

he M26 T/E provides continues hot water for Americano coffee or hot tea from a cold-water mixing valve system, providing the proper hot water from the operators preset temperature. all of this guarantees impeccable quality in the cup and keeps consumption down. Available in the one-group, two-group, compact two-group, three-group and Tall Cup versions, the LaCimbali M26 is fitted with a brand-new back lit electromagnetically button panel which is both easy to use and intuitive blue tooth grinding.

When equipped with the specific software, the machine monitors all the parameters of a Cimbali blue tooth grinder during delivery and automatically makes corrections to the grinding and dose thus directly managing the grinder.

Thermal Flexibility LaCimbali patented thermal balancing system allows baristas to accurately adjust the water temperature in each brew group head without having to restart or turn off the machine. Why is this important? temperature is a big component of the perfect espresso. In order to extract the optimal flavors, aroma and body from your chosen blend it is crucial that the water temperature match its characteristics for best taste.

The M26 makes this easy for operators and enables them to use multiple roasts and blends simultaneously without sacrificing quality.

The M26 TE top of the line has a USB sync system. Through the use of a USB flash drive operators can program recipes & download to machine specific data and run software updates, blue tooth grinder software standard that can be hooked into the blue tooth self-adjusting grinder based on used parameter settings Graphic Display.

The M26 TE comes standard with a backlight LED display. The display is used to change settings, program and monitor the performance of the machine. The simple controls create a more flexible working environment by allowing baristas the ability to make quick adjustments without having to reset or turn off the machine. *Note: All LA Cimbali machines come programmed in English

Pure Water: Ruveco-Teck Processing The first step to good espresso is fresh water. However, as water comes into contact with brass, copper and steel components in a machine it can absorb metallic properties. To counter this Cimbali has an exclusive patent for the use of Ruveco Teck coating. This special treatment is used on all metal components that come into contact with water and drastically reduces the release of metals into the water. The result is pure water with no metallic properties.

2 & 3 Group specifications.
A/2 A/3
Steam wands 2 2
Hot water wands 1 1
Hot water selections 2 2
Boiler capacity (liters) 10 15
Smart Boiler YES YES
Graphic display YES YES
Electric cup warmer (3 temperature settings) YES YES
Width (in) 30.6 38.4
Depth (in) 20.1 20.1
Height with tall feet (in) 24.3 24.3
Weight (lb) 154 187
Power at 208-240V~ 60Hz  4200-5000 (W) 6200-7,300 (W)

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