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Mazzer Kony Doser Espresso Grinder


  • $1,790.00

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Kony Doser Conical Low RPM  Espresso Grinder

Sale $1,790.00 Includes Shipping in Continental US  

Mazzer line of espresso grinders meet the demands of the most discerning coffee industry professionals and espresso lovers around the world. They are designed to get the job done 

  • Easy maintenance

  • Sturdy and reliable

  • Elegant design

The automatic Kony Doser grinder is designed for the medium high end shop that needs less production then the Robur. Kony features smaller 63 mm Conical Burrs in a smaller foot print then the Robur 

Conical burrs move slower then flat burrs so they do not build up heat from friction like a high speed flat burr grinder that can affect coffee quality by getting to hot when busy.

Cooling System with fan serves as a extra protection to the burrs and large drive motor

Steeples grind adjustment makes precise grind size easer then steeped 

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Grinder-doser with conical grinding blades and slow speed rotation suitable for medium consumption.
Stepless micrometrical grinding adjustment.
Automatic functioning with start every 12 doses and stop when the doser is full.
Available in single and three phase versions.

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