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Organic Colombian ASPRASAR Light 6 X 12oz.

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Colombian Organic ASPRASAR Light

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Coffee comes in 2-way valve bags

From the highlands of Southern Tolima comes this Organic Fair-Trade Colombia, a prime example of superior coffees coming from small-lot coffee producers in the region. For many years, Tolima’s coffee took a backseat to coca production, an often-violent operation run by resident guerrilla groups seeking to fund their mission in the Colombian conflict. As the country has navigated peace, Tolima has emerged as the country’s second-largest coffee-producing region, now recognized for small-acreage coffee farms in the tree-shaded highlands. We’re proud to have been an early supporter of its farmers and their premium Fair Trade, Organic Colombian beans.

We are excited by this offering from Asociación de Productores Agropecuarios de Santa Rosa (ASPRASAR), a young cooperative of 67 producers with small farms located in the highlands of Saldaña at averaging altitudes of 5,700 feet. Founded just five years ago, the members have built the association on their shared value of teaming together to build peace and to achieve progress for their community.

Each producer has their own micro-mill to see through the harvest and processing of their own cherries, all fully wash and sun-dried on raised beds. Through consistent farming and post-harvest practices, a clean and consistent coffee is produced with just enough differences from farm to farm to create a complexity of flavors that makes this coffee a standout. With this, our first from ASPRASAR, it’s clear to see they’re on the road to establishing themselves as a prime source for superior Tolima beans.

Roast level: LIGHT | Cupping notes: Tangerine, Herbal, Cream

  • as drip and other coffee brewing methods
  • 12 oz. vacuum sealed 2-way valve bag
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