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Organic Ethiopia Sidamo Shantawene Natural Single Origin 6 X 12oz.

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Mr. Espresso-Oakwood Roasted


Roast level: LIGHT | Cupping notes: Strawberry, Guava, Meyer Lemon

Coffee comes in 2-way valve bags

6- 12 oz. Price $17.00 Per = $102.00 

Ethiopia Sidamo Shantawene Natural is produced by award-winning Daye Bensa of the Sidamo Zone, recognized for the unique notes of its local coffee variety as well as the organic farming methods that have sustained it for hundreds of years. This Sidamo coffee is sourced primarily from Daye Bensa’s organic farm, located in the Shantawene Village at elevations of 6562 – 7274 feet. The balance of the lot is from nearby small-acreage “out-growers”, at even higher elevations of up to 7874 feet. The elevation of these crops, allowing a longer growing time to absorb nutrients, along with the natural processing, where the cherries are dried in the shade on raised beds, both contribute to the robust flavors that these beans deliver.

Founded by brothers Asefa and Mulugeta Dukamo in 2006, Daye Bensa coffees have won numerous accolades, including three among the Good Food Award 2019 Finalists with two being named winners. The awards are given to outstanding products that are sustainably produced. Through Daye Bensa’s out-grower farm partnerships, adjacent village farms commit to organic practices and work closely with Bensa, ensuring high-quality, sustainability and traceability. In return, the company gathers these farmers to celebrate their harvests, receive second payments for their contributions, and recognize those who have consistently delivered high-quality cherries. New initiatives include expanding the farming network with a focus on women farmers and to work with Hawassa University, to help students perform research to improve coffee quality. A taste of this Ethiopia Natural is proof that Daye Bensa is dedicated to quality.