Rancilio Specialty 2 & 3 Group RS1

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RS1 2 & 3 Group Independent boiler 

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Absolute will coordinate the installation of your espresso machine with a trained, local representative. Includes, Receiving, uncrate, inspection, drink set up, local installation to buyer made ready water, electric & demonstration. One-year parts & labor due to defective parts, note 220-volt machines come without plugs.

The RS 1 is the top line independent boiler line of espresso machines from Rancilio 

All stainless steel body panels can be easily removed, customized, powder coated or branded to meet your exact needs

Combining a meticulously designed workflow experience, workhorse reliability, and a refined aesthetic; the RS1 sets the standard for accessible, cutting-edge brewing technology.

Unmatched temperature control during the extraction allows the barista to fine tune every shot, resulting in a better cup profile

Steam pressure delivery features a purge function and two programmable positions per side, perfect for switching between various pitcher sizes and different types of milk

The RS 1 technology controls the brew water temperature of each espresso shot to a tenth of a degree trough preheated water entering the brew group boiler and instantly changing to a higher or lower temperature through the brew cycle, unlike any other technology on the market today, it enables users to brew espresso at one brew temperature and finish at another. This new way of brewing espresso brings out delicious flavor profiles of the finest espresso blends and single origins. The RS 1 gives operators the ability to brew professional espresso drinks with a consistency unmatched in the industry.

Temperature Profiling Technology enables the temperature of the water to be set to increase or decrease to 5°C (9°F) during the 25-30 seconds it takes for the shot to pour. Brewing on an upward or downward temperature curve highlights or subdues certain flavor notes in a way that is not possible with any other espresso machine. The Temperature Profiling Technology features the most reliable constant brewing temperature that brings out each distinctive flavor characteristics of any coffee bean.

The RS 1 comes standard with 2 Cool Touch manual steam wands that remain cool while you steam or froth milk.

    • Independent group head boilers

    • High thermal stability

    • Advanced temperature profiling

    • Variable steam pressure

    • Accurate volumetric control

    • Group head touchscreen displays

    • Height of the main body of the machine 18.2 inches

    • Bodywork customizable

    • Height of the main body of the machine 18.2 inches

    • Adjustable cup warmer 15.7 inches x 40.1 inches with temperature sensor

    • 7" work surface depth

    • 3.5" between the working area and the counter

    • Cool touch steam

    steam wands with 2 power settings

The Rancilio Specialty was developed by Rancilio R&D Department in collaboration with a coffee industry team of experts and MOMO Design.

  • Stainless steel body with metal alloy, black chrome-plated group covers

  • Rancilio patented temperature profiling technology

  • Lever-actuated, cool touch steam wands with 4 adjustable presets

  • Independent group head boilers

  • Programmable volumetric with 4-magnet flowmeters

  • Multifunction on-board computer with 4.3” display

  • Individual graphics displays for each group head detailing shot time, brewing profile and cleaning operation

  • User-friendly touchscreen with backlit icons

  • Parameter tracking software with details of the last 30 extractions per group

  • 2 water buttons with programmable dosages and temperatures

  • Insulated steam boiler with programmable water renewal

  • ECO function available using multiple level sensor management

  • Easy access pump pressure adjustment under the machine

  • 2 USB ports for updating machine functions and recharging scale and barista tools

  • Adjustable drip tray height (3”, 4”, 5”) for various cup sizes

  • 1-year parts warranty


Single dose basket, Double 18-gram basket, Accessory bag, Tamper, Measuring cup shot glass, Manual, Plastic drip insert, Portafilter, Portafilter single spout, Portafilter double spout, Bottomless portafilter, Group head brush 


2 Group (W x D x H) 33 in x 24 in x 18 inWattage 5600 /Voltage 208 - 240 V 208 - 240 V  
Shipping Dimensions (W x D x H) 47 in x 32 in x 29 in   
3 Group  (W x D x H) 43 in x 24 in x 18 in / Wattage 6750 /Voltage 208 - 240 V 208 - 240 V 
Shipping Dimensions (W x D x H) 47 in x 32 in x 29 in 

Water Connection Dedicated cold water access line with standard female 3/8” NPT fitting and manual shut-off valve within 4’ of the machine

Water Filter Systems

Protect your factory warranty and machine from harmful hard water minerals that cause calcium build up, & damage to your boiler, heating elements, water passages, and moving parts.

Help the taste of your coffee with a BMT Bestmax standard or premium with magnesium 4 stage filter or our standard system. When selecting the premium line with magnesium we recommend a water meter so you know when its time to change your filter as magnesium will show as a solid on a test strip.

Dial in the setting for your water hardness and brew system needs. based on degree of water hardness

This all in one filter system is the answer to most espresso machine water condition problems.

Just twist the all in one cartridge out of the self closing valve in head and spin the new replacement one in when needed, no water to shut off or turn on before changing,

BMT valve in head, 4-stage water filter system with filtration to 0.5 micron. Cartridge can lie sideways, set on its base or hang from the wall bracket included, recommended sizes based on water hardness and usage recommended.

See our compete BWT accessories discount package.

Before finalizing your purchase, please call toll free 866 711 3456 or 973-687 5090 to allow us the opportunity to make sure you have selected the machine and options that best meet your needs and budget