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Victoria Arduino

Mythos 2 Pure Grinder Black

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Meet the Mythos ll Pure, the espresso grinder that's set to change pression grinding of espresso coffee.

 Mythos ll Pure  features most central to its design. temperature controlled grind chamber, adjustable heat to burrs, fan cooling for burrs and drive motor, with titanium coated high pression 85mm burrs linked to a small grind chamber and micro adjustment system

The problem is this: espresso grinders take some time to warm up first thing in the morning, and tend to run hot during peak operating periods in the day. This temperature variance affects how the coffee responds to grinding, as well as how the shots pull - meaning your espresso coffee quality and consistency in the cup depends entirely on a number of factors along with an attentive and knowledgeable barista.

Mythos ll Pure, set out to address this issue, by determining - with a team of experienced professional baristas - what the ideal  temperature is for an espresso coffee, and how to go about maintaining that temperature in the grinder. The ll does just that, by maintaining an adjustable temperature controlled burrs . Between utilizing both a heating element to warm the grinder in the morning, and a fan and duct system to cool the grinder during daily usage.. This ideal range adds consistency to grinder and shot performance, meaning less grind adjustment and lower waste for your café. Mythos ll Pire with larger 85mm burrs and newly designed body and hopper provides faster serving time and more bean capacity for the busy shop 

The Mythos ll Pure also boasts 85 mm flat burrs, coated with titanium for a longer life. The electronic controls are easy to use for programming in your desired timed doses, and can also be run in Barista Mode to easily and quickly set custom doses on the fly. The micrometric adjustment dial is smooth and simple to adjust with precision - no need to be a championship arm wrestler to dial in your shots. Grind retention is so minimal. you will hardly need to think about purging between grind sessions or adjustments, and the spout churns out a fluffy clump-free grind every time.


  • Micrometric grinding adjustment
  • Long-lasting 85 mm flat titanium coated steel burrs for longer life
  • Mythos ll Pure technology keeps the grinding chamber at an ideal temperature
  • Adjustable temperature Controlled Burrs
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Multi-function LCD display
  • Low-retention clump-free grinding
  • 3.2 pound hopper
  • Built in writing board in back for message 

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