Dalla Corte EVO 2 Models

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Size 2 Group
Color Black

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Dalla Corte Evo II 2 & 3 Group

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The Evo 2 is a mainstay of Dalla Corte’s commercial lineup. Featuring their innovative Multi-Boiler System, the Evo 2’s brew groups each house a 0.5L brew boiler to ensure maximum temperature stability and independent temperature control.

The modern Evo 2 is compatible with the full suite of Dalla Corte’s productivity systems including the DCS and MCS for seamless integration into any cafe.

Dalla Corte’s Evo 2 espresso machine is a commercial powerhouse. Utilizing their Multi-Boiler System, the Evo 2 guarantees stable brew temperatures so your baristas can focus on serving the best espresso possible.

Each group houses an independent 0.5L boiler and heating element while the 7.5L copper service boiler keeps pace in even the busiest cafe.

Temperature stability is guaranteed by the Dalla Corte’s Multi-Boiler System. Each group can be set to its own unique temperature within 0.18° Fahrenheit, allowing you to vary group temperatures in the event that you are brewing with different coffees. Each brew boiler can be toggled on/off individually and is completely isolated from the steam boiler and other brew boilers.

This innovative design allows for the perfect marriage of high capacity and precision. For improved workflow, the Evo 2 is also compatible with Dalla Corte’s productivity systems, the GCS (Grinder Control System) and MCS (Milk Control System).

The GCS connects your Evo 2 to a Dalla Corte DC One or DC Two grinder, feeding them information about the flow of your espresso to automatically recalibrate your grind as necessary.

The MCS is an automatic milk frothing system that can froth milk to your desired temperature, allowing your baristas to focus on other tasks. This optional feature must be requested prior to ordering.

The Dalla Corte Evo 2 delivers the precision control of the Multi-Boiler System at a price that is accessible to those opening a cafe or looking to upgrade aging equipment. For those looking to make it better, the Evo 2 is an ideal choice.

Multi-Boiler System Pioneered by Dalla Corte, the Multi-Boiler system grants precise temperature control of each group head. Each group is equipped with its own heating element and PID, making them independent from each other and from the steam boiler.

2 Group Specifications

Dimensions (W x H x D) 28 x 20 x 21

Weight 163 Lb.

Energy consumption 7,9 kW  / 24 Hr. Stand By 7,500 watts.

Maximum power 4,5 kW -4,500 Watts

Connected load 230/240 V 

Boiler capacity 7,5 l

Group capacity 0,5 l

Brew Group Size (mm) 54mm / optional 58mm

 Number of Boilers 3

Brew Boiler Volume (Oz) 0.5L

 Independent Temperature Control

Brew Unit Type Dalla Corte 

Back Flush Capable Yes

Brew Group Size (mm) 54mm / 58 mm optimal 

Group Type Dalla Corte 

Display Type LCD

 Drip Tray Cover Stainless Steel

Drip Tray Material Steel Housing

Color White

Housing Material Steel

Maintenance Alerts Yes

3 Group Specifications

(Lx H x W) 37.5-inch x 20.6-inch x 20.1 inch

Weight 194 Lb.

Energy consumption 11,3 kW

Maximum power 6,3 kW

Connected load 230/240 V 1 Ph, 200/230 V 

Boiler capacity 13 Liter

Group capacity 0,5 liter

Number of Boilers 4 

Brew Boiler Volume (Oz) 0.5L

Back Flush Capable Yes

Brew Group Size (mm) 54mm / 58 mm optimal 

Brew Group Type Dalla Corte 

Display Type LCD

Drip Tray Cover Stainless Steel

Drip Tray Material Steel

housing Color White

Housing Material Steel

Maintenance Alerts Yes

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